Capricorn Man suddenly stops talking?!

  • I am online dating and this capricorn man initiated the conversation and started talking to me. He is a late January capricorn (if that's of any help). Anyways, his messages were very long, had depth and thought out. He first messages me and says I am very attractive and asks a question about an interest of mine. I responded within the hour....he responded back in a very detailed reply and asked me what I did. I responded back...asking him a question in detail and asking what he does as well. BAM, NO RESPONSE.

    This initially happened very late night and I saw him sign on the next morning a few times (thinking he would respond back in the morning). Anyways, till that day ... nothing! I messaged him back a couple weeks later not commenting on his lack of response but instead asking him a nice question. AGAIN, NO RESPONSE. I didn't bother to message him again (that would look pathetic). But I have a big crush on this guy, now 😞 This happened a year ago.

    How could someone show sooooo much interest in someone and give them their time and detailed attention and not respond back? Even if he responded back he could at least give his number to meet me. I'm a very desireable woman (at least most men want me) and intelligent. He has remained single very since. So I don't understand!?

    (p.s. I know for a fact at the time he didn't have a job (changing positions) and he was working on a deign project. Whether or not that was a factor)

  • The story you tell is not one of "dating" which is the first thing you should try to understand. You exchanged two messages back and forth, that's it. The online format should be a way you initially introduce yourself to someone and then decide if you both have enough interest to meet in person. The decision to start dating will start AFTER you meet in person.

    The second thing that should be understood is that a lot of times these online message exchanges are not completely truthful. This is not real intimacy and most of the times it is false - especially when it occurs so immediately and late at night. There are a lot of people who troll the internet.

    The last thing I want to share with you is that if this happened a year ago and you are still obsessed about him after exchanging only two messages, then there are some deeper internal issues you need to work on.

  • It could also be the case that he wanted to grab your attention and to waken your interest and once he did that, he was not longer interested. I know it's just a speculation but you'd never know. I think you shouldn't overthink it and just move on. Watergirl18 is absolutely right when she said that many of the messages exchanged online are untruthful so maybe it's for the best.

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