Need help in interpretation of this reading

  • my friend came to me and ask if i could tell her why her "friend" has been distant lately.. i pulled 9 cards

    past is 10 of pentacles (reversed), the fool upright, 7 pentacles reversed,

    present is knight of pentacles (reversed), The Chariot (upright), six of swords (reversed)

    future is 6 of cups upright, three of wands reveresed, and 8 wands upright

    any insight would be great. thanks,

    I always feel that if i am too close to the situation its hard for me to come to the right conclusion.

  • Feels like he went back to the relationship he was in prior to her - a marriage possibly. Might be trying to keep her as an option until he knows for sure if it will be permanent.

  • thank you, yes that is the situation. she was wondering if he was going to try to make it work with the marriage after all .

  • Yes, I believe he is.

  • But she also needs to consider what she wants if he does come back. Right now she's playing second fiddle so self-respect might dictate just saying good- bye to the situation completely.

  • Thanks, i will let her know

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