KushikamiKiba I need a love reading

  • Hi!

    What would a relationship with Bill be like?

    Where could we possible be/what would the relationship be like in 10,20,30,40 years after starting the relationship?

    Would it last for the rest of our lives?

    What is it that I need to know and do to make this happen?

    my birthdate 11th of august 1989, his 1st of september

  • Bella

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the thing is i did a reading first on what to expect in a relationship with bill, here's what i got.

    Everything will be awesome at first but eventually emotions will soon die out and trust will follow. There will be a lot of negative energy towards you and bill and i would say 3 months after starting a relationship, you'd regret it. I remember i told u before that a lot of conflict would develop if you ended up with bill. Seems its double confirmed here

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hmm, okay that is just too bad, so I guess it confirmed that I should choose Tom instead, can you see anything about that relationship?

  • hi Kali can i ask you a question please?

  • Bella if you look into the first thread you asked me a reading for it should have some info on what would life with tom be like

  • Kali could have please ask you to give me a reading about this person

    birthday: 26 May 1976, chinese horoscope: fire dragon sex :male born in UK

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