Should I do it?

  • I have a friend who is in a mentally and emotionally abusive marriage. I keep trying to talk to him, convince him to leave, but being a typical man he won't admit that he is being abused (even though he complains about how she treats him constantly and others can see what is going on). I have considered doing a breakup spell to give him the courage to leave, but then I question myself and whether I should get involved? Last night I found out, from a mutual friend, that he was forced to walk over 6 miles to work about a week ago, in a rain storm, because she needed the car but wouldn't take him to work. That just pissed me (and several other people) off. They are constantly broke because she spends so much money (he makes over $20 an hour and she makes $9.25 hr, plus tips) and he had to close their checking account due to having so many over draft fees, so he couldn't even afford a taxi to take him to work and was too embarrassed, or stubborn, to call anyone for a ride.

    Anyway, I pulled some cards to find out what would happen if I did this breakup spell and would appreciate some feedback, since I am probably too mad to interpret the cards correctly.

    If I did the breakup spell...

    1. How would it affect him? Page Cups

    2. How would it affect her? 3 Swords

    3. How would it affect their marriage? Ace Swords

    4. What affect would it have on me (bad karma?)? Ace Pentacles

    5. How would it affect my relationship with him? Empress

    To me it looks like the affect on him is that he would finally start feeling good about himself again, regain some of the self confidence he has lost since being involved with her. For her it would be heart breaking and she would suffer (GOOD!!) From there I get lost. Is the Ace Swords saying that he would find the strentgh to start over, without her, or that they would have a renewed outlook on their marriage due to what they have been through? For me I am seeing the Ace Pentacles as saying that I would be fine, because I would be doing the spell to try to help him. The Empress looks like our friendship would also be fine and I wouldn't lose that relationship due to interfering.

    I'm just not sure if these cards are indicating that the spell would work or not. If it won't work then there is no point in me wasting the time and energy to do it, but if it will work then I will do it so that he can get out of this abusive relationship.

  • It would be very wrong for you to interfere in this man's learning process by casting any spell. It is for him to choose to pull out of his marriage or not. You cannot take away what he has come here to learn. It is not your right, even as a friend, to remove someone's karmic education. If you pulled him out of this life lesson before he had learned it, he would only fall into someone else's hands who was similar to his wife. He has to see the light for himself. He would not feel good about himself by having to be 'rescued' by you. He must save himself for his own self-esteem and self-worth.

  • The Universal Law of Non-Interference

    Simply stated, this law means that one does not interfere in the spiritual affairs of others. Everyone is on their own unique path of complete understanding of truth; it is sacred and to be respected. This is an exacting law considering that every iota of an individual’s life is their own spiritual affair. If everyone adhered to the Law of Non-Interference, there would be no arguments, no subversive attempts to manipulate, no war. Everyone would focus on their own purpose and spiritual journey instead of trying to influence others. Nobody would have to devote their time to praying for others. They would trust that the other person is learning the lessons that they need for their own spiritual growth. There would be more going within to understand one’s own lessons instead of trying to teach others theirs. When you take away your own limitations and fears of what life holds for yourself, you will feel less need to save others to reassure yourself. Isn’t life eternal? Isn’t everyone innately loved? Isn't everyone watched over by God and their own guides and the Angels? If you really adhere to these beliefs, then the only other factor to consider is your own compassion and empathy to lend your experiences to someone who asks. And that is the key: one who asks. If you are trying to help someone who hasn’t asked on some level, then it becomes a subtle form of coercion. Even sending healing to other people is a form of compassionate interfering in their life. It relieves them of their burden so that they can centre themselves and gain some balance. It is always a moral judgment for when you can assist. You cannot help everyone. That would be exhausting and useless. How do you decide who to help? If someone approaches you for assistance, and you are in touch with your intuition, them you will get a sense about it. Always be 'listening' to what you am supposed to do. Always be tuned into the greater flow of life to know what is best for you and the other person. To be empowered and present is to always be mindful of when the ego tries to go on automatic pilot. It is a constant vigil. You never need to pray for anyone. To do so implies that you want to interfere with their contract with Life and that you don't trust their heavenly helpers to do the very best for them. It implies you want to be the hero, the saviour, in their situation - that is ego. Instead, send your loved one waves of Love with the intent that they recognize the blessings that they are being inundated with and come to understand the less behind their situation. Even a child understands on a deeper subconscious level of instinct, although it doesn't hurt to give them a hug or send them a letter reminding tham that you love them. Maybe send them a present that reminds them of you or helps them to be strong. If you get the urge to share an insight from experience, offer it and if the other person contradicts the advice, then they have decided that they know best and you can withdraw. If they are receptive, then you can offer them more insight. Their 'nudge' in that moment is that there is something of truth being offered, or not. The more receptive they are, the more of your experience you can share with them. And the world goes round either way. Awareness is just a matter of surrendering. Awareness is being so exhausted by the ego’s attempts to be omnipotent that it relents enough to allow a little more truth in. Pain and suffering are wonderful motivators for gaining wisdom and strength. Would you be the person you are now (experienced and aware rather than naive and ignorant) or be where you are now (surviving) if you hadn't endured hard life lessons? If you try to help remove or alleviate someone’s pain and they haven’t quite realized its spiritual purpose, it can be harmful to their growth. This is when you need to take a step back and remember the Spiritual Law of Non-Interference. And don't worry - everyone on this Earth has the opportunity for angelic protection and spiritual growth. All is well.

  • That is what has kept me from doing anything prior to this. I know it is his lesson but dammit it is painful to watch him go through this.

  • since u cannot interfere pray to his guardian angles for them to protect him and for him to find the light and come out of his situation stronger, send him blessings, love and light,,, i pray that his situation soon become a thing of the past,,,

  • And then just be there as his friend. He knows his situation and struggles in it.

  • The above post was not sent by me. To use my photo with it is fraudulent and really despicable tactics. Any person who would offer such a service in this fashion is a con artist. The Tarot site needs to close its security holes.

  • captain,

    i agree with u entirely,, the adminstration, has let this problem go to far, since we are heading towards a new year, i wish, they would take the riens, and let this site become what it once was, we even have lost many good member, who would help others with so much passion, it seems that now it has just became a spam site, they use it to advertise for free, i also wish that many members would join in and we can go to adminstration, and fight this issue, thank you so very much for all the years of your help, u have always been here for us,,, god bless u and happy new year,

  • Yes it seems like admin no longer watch over this forum, unfortunately.

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