Any suggestions on finding something lost?

  • I lost something important to me. I know that I need to be more responsible with my things, but I'm hoping that I lost this in my house and it will return to me. I've asked Saint Anthony for help. Any other suggestions?

  • JustineElise

    You have done the right thing in asking Saint Anthony helps. You have not stated what you lost. 'I feel that you will find it tucked away and do say a prayer of thanks.

    Happy Holidays


  • I know one that always works with me.

    Buda and Saint Michael please make me find (you say what u have lost and focus on it) keep saying it and focusing on the thing and eventually will turn out. Usually it works really fast but one time took me a month to find it. I lost a pair of earrings, they were stuck in a drawer. But they showed up.

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