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  • Hi All ~ I'm hoping someone can help me with this dream as it was message dream. I was with three of my Grandaughters at a shopping mall. Some other girls came up & were shopping along with us. It was bothering me that they were not watching their little sister & I said you are responsible to watch your sister not me. All of the girls ran up to a open corner store except one of my Grandaughters & they were talking to a man. My grandaughter & I were looking at these beautifully made accent pillows made of silky beaded materials. An older gentleman in a white shirt & black pants said we better go on up were the girls were. I could see them & it was in the second that we looked at the pillows that they ran up there. We quickly caught up & as we were walking up my grandaughter said she knew who they were talking to. I said you do, who is it? She said it was a grief counselor at their school. Then I woke up. It's kind of bothering me so if anyone has some insight I would be grateful. Love & Blessings ~D

  • I don't feel this dream represents your REAL grand children. It's rather about you.

    The children - some known and some not yet known to you - represent ideas, habits, or developments that have potential (like the beaded cushions represent craft or creativity), an area of your life that you are encouraging or feel supportive of. They can reflect situations or aspects of your life that you want to see become manifested, powerful or flourishing. It may also reflect an aspect of yourself based on the one thing that stands out the most about one or any of the children. The man (your masculine active 'doing' side) told you to go where the girls were (representing catching up to new ideas and ways of thinking, moving your mindset onwards). You were bothered that they/you were not taking care of the little sister (new ideas, dreams or hopes) properly. Each child represents a different aspect of your life based on your most honest feelings about them or their most prominent personality traits. Dreaming of children may also reflect feelings about yourself or others being helpless or powerlessness to overcome big challenges or facing difficulties because the problems are too 'big' or grownup types.The children may reflect problems that are out of control, new developments that are becoming frustrating or feeling like an innocent victim. Children in dreams represent our vulnerability and the mention of the grief counsellor suggests you may have grief inside you that needs to be dealt with - the death of a treasured goal or project that you have had to put on the backburner.

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