May I have some guidance, AstraAngel?

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    Hope this past year has been good to you! I'm writing to you specifically because you've been a great support for me these past few years with your readings. I don't even think I can properly say how appreciative I am for your gifts and insights.

    If you are available, I am hoping you can provide a reading for me. I feel as though I have professionally arrived at a plateau, with no where to move or grow. Because of this I feel irritable in my current job and probably have more frustration bubbling in me than I should be carrying. Do you see me making any progress in my career these next few months? I'm a writer but have yet to make that "breakthrough" I've been working towards.

    At the risk of asking too much, I'd also like to ask about love and what you might foresee in that arena. Any big star-crossed affairs for me?

    Thank you for your time and efforts, Astra. Hope the holidays bring you lots of positivity!

    Name is Bryan Mora and D.O.B is May 13, 1988.

  • Hi Bryan

    Thanks for the nice wishes and hope your holidays are wonderful as well!

    Okay lets take a little look and see...

    I have been using a traditional celtic cross 10 card spread and so we'll do the same for you...

    1 and 2 - situation/question and crossing = Star crossed by The Tower

    3 - above = Hanged Man

    4 - beneath = Ace of Pentacles

    5 - recent = Death

    6 - ahead = Ace of Wands

    7 - self = 5 of Wands

    8 - house = 9 of Wands

    9 - hope = 3 of Cups

    10 - outcome = Lovers

    Bryan, based on this I don't see much changing on the job side of things. At least the reading isn't really adressing that... However... looks like something nice coming your way in love for sure. That is really where your heart is, on love and relationship (hope is 3 cups). I hope that helps.

    Best holiday wishes,


  • Thanks so much for the reading Astra! Looks like I'll need to keep plugging away at work, but if things look good on the love side of things I can't complain 🙂

    Thanks a bunch, and again, happy holidays!

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