Anyone giving readings on this site?

  • Would like a ring please

  • oops reading

  • hey faithfulone,

    do you have a specific issue that is bugging you? i got sort of worn out with readings that are so generic that it gets difficult to pin anything down. i am not going to try and "predict" your future, that isn't the point of tarot in my view. So why don't you tell us more about what you are facing or more specifics?

  • I am wondering what is going happen in my near future such as do you see a move to another state? and will I succeed in relocating to re-open my business?

    Also there is one other thing that is weighing heavy on me. A neighbor has made 2 threats on my life and am getting no justice in this situation my question is will there be justice to come to him?

    DOB 4-17-66 Thank you

  • Okay, which one question is of most concern to you? Stated as simply as possible.

  • Okay sum up am I doing right thing in move to the state I am planning?

  • Okay faithful one here you go...

    1. question, 6 of swords

    2. crossing 2 of pentacles

    3. above, 2 of swords

    4. below, 9 of swords

    5. recent, Strength

    6. ahead, 9 of pentacles

    7. self, 7 of wands

    8. house, 6 of swords

    9. hope, ace of swords

    10. outcome 5 of cups

    Nope, something is off.

    a lot of swords and the 9 of pentacles is ahead, which seems to be saying "if you make that move..."

    then the outcome is a 5 of cups? not so great... some sort of emotional morass, viewpoint, that stops everything. i think you need to reconsider this direction for some reason.

    based on the cards anyway. i hope that helps!

    what is the seond most concerning question?


  • What do you see in my future then?

    1. question = High Priestess

    2. crossing = Sun

    3. above = 5 of Pentacles

    4. below = Ace of Wands

    5. recent = 3 of Swords

    6. ahead = 4 of Swords

    7. self = Magician

    8. house = 3 of Pentacles

    9. hope = 9 of Cups

    10. outcome = 3 of Swords

    You will soon be coming to a conclusion in your thinking about something.

    This leads to a communication with a person or a company of significance.

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