Could I get a reading please

  • I would like to know what is going to happen in my near future and in the situation I have been living with. April 17, 1966

  • Guess I can't get reading 😞

  • Faithfulone, here goes, a past present and future situation. I am not reading cards simply focusing on your date of birth and the feelings i get from your request.

    In your past, you have remained calm and fair to others. never tilting the situation in your favor as you easily could have. At times people have mistaken your calm fair demeanor for weakness, and this has made you stand up for yourself. This action has gotten you to where you are now. Did you just receive a surprise of some sort? Something come out of the blue that you didn't expect? (sorry that just popped in my head). In your present situation, do not dismay as when one door closes another one opens. The hard part is getting yourself through that door. Took a look at the disatisfaction that you feel in your life at this time and see what changes you can make to make it better. Don't resist changes, they will be better for you. You seem to be lacking courage or inner strength right now, That too shall change. Is there a young female in your life that is causing a disruption? Mostly due to indecisiveness. This persons inability to decide one way or another has made problems for you. IT seems as if you have suffered some type of loss and it is ok to mourn the loss, be it a job, a good friend, a loved one or lover. Don't let the darkness consume you as your future is looking bright after the storm you are passing through. I see positive changes in your life embrace them. Sorry, that is all i am getting right now.

    Many blessings

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