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  • hello all,

    i would love a reading if any of you are taking requests.

    i'm at a point in my life that nothing seems to be going well. i'm trying to be grateful and focus on the good things but sometimes i feel like i'm failing to do so. i'm job hunting at the moment, have been for a few months now with no luck. i've had a small issue with my health which is very minor but has been affecting my productivity lots. and i'm at the end of my financial resources. if any of you could do a reading with a focus on these i'd be really grateful. thanks a lot in advance!

  • Hi avor,

    I am happy to provide a reading.

    This will be a celtic cross 10 card layout.

    Your "significator" turned out to be the 9 of cups, so that is emotionally tapped out. You could feel pretty "at the end of your rope emotionally" lately. Hmm....

    1. Covers that is Knight of Cups. Okay so you are starting off here in cups so what you are working with is your emotional life right now. So the various situations you face could be provoking emotional responses in you. And that could where you are growing right now, is in your emotional life. So try to look beyind these various concerns (the job hunting with no luck, health issue, end of financial resources)... any of that can change overnight for the better. What is important for you right now is to keep your cool, and just take each day as it comes, (i know that is hard however this must be your "course" right now, so hang in there and all will work out). Knight of Cups is showing emotional activity.

    2. Crossing that Knight of Cups is the Emperor. I see the Emperor as "viewpoints", and that tends to stall out life while you try to gain some sense of "what is going on with me!". So you can see there how these first two cards can challenge you. Emperor is not going to be interested in anything emotionally, that is a very calm looking out over your kingdom card. So that is probably mostly what is being asked of you now. Is to look out over life and stay calm.

    3. Crowns. The 2 of Pentacles. This is affirming in your material life. So youy mind is on affirmations of your material life. Which means your mind is constantly on the physical 2's... which means you are trying to "get to yes" in your physical settings. Like, "yes, I have a job thank goodness!" or... "yes, I have this health issue behind me!" ... you are wanting to be able to say that!

    4. Beneath, 9 of Wands. Another 9, so this is completed or perfected wands, intentions, path. This shows the foundation for our readinfg here.. which is basically, "nothing is changing in my direction, life, path, ".. 9's are at the end of the road. SO nothing has been changing much for quite a while, right? Yeah.. so that is okay, that is working into your "emotional I am keeping my cool" classroom that the universe has you studying right now... it will turn around though... you watch.... don't worry.

    5. Behind, 4 of Pentacles. That is security of your physical life. So you must have had until relatively recently a mostly secure "everything is going okay" physical, financial life... apparently that has changed. The important thing is to know that you WERE okay in those areas at one point, right? And you will be okay again there. It can all change overnight.

    6. Before, the Page of Pentacles. You can expect to receive some news of some form soon related to your physical life. Something for the better, word on a new job opening, the health issue news is good, something like that.

    7. Self, the Wheel of Fortune. That is turning, so your attitude in general lately has been spinning around, and probably not settled. So again. keep that Emperor in mind and just keep cool and gaze out on life and know it can all change... the important thing is to stay calm and let your emotional life deepen and grow. This reading is really about your emotional life deepening is what I get.

    8. House. your environment, temperance. This is blending, merging, so your house is influencing you to blend, merge, go with the flow. You are getting some support or influence in that way, maybe a friend or family, you are being asked to blend into a situation or with someone in some way.

    9. Hopes. The Devil. The Devil is like "the stories" of life. It tends to be focused on a story or agenda, so your hopes could be stirring up imaginations, hoping to "see" this outcome or that outcome develop. That is not really going to help you too much right now... relaxing and being at peace and being the Emperor is what is good for you.

    10. Outcome, The Chariot. Motion, changes, movement. So there is certainly movement coming your way. With this as the outcome I would expect that your situation should completely turn around soon. WIth the Page of Pentacles ahead for you (news, messages that are related to physical areas) and this Chariot as the outcome, I would expect your situation to totally change here very soon. It is coming anyway.

    I hope that is a blessing for you, hang in there is about all I can say! 🙂


  • Hello AstraAngel! Thank you so much for the reading.

    Two days after I posted here I heard from two of the places I applied for a job and I went to their interviews so yes I received some news about job possibilities! You were spot-on!

    Unfortunately one of them offers a comical salary - I'm a college graduate with 5 years of work experience, 2 of them being in the field I'm looking for a job. The other one is slightly, slightly better, but if I were to pay rent (I live with my family at the moment) I wouldn't be able to survive on the rest. This is the reality of the field that I am in sadly and I'm looking for jobs in other fields as well.

    The problem is, as you might guess, I don't have experience in those fields and it is going to be harder to find a job in them. I asked a few friends with contacts and I'm waiting to hear from them. What I'd like to know is whether my looking for other possibilities rather than accepting the job with a really low salary that I'm already offered is what you mean with the card Devil. Am I missing an opportunity by not accepting that job? Is this the only field that I can find a job? Am I being too hopeful that maybe something better may come up?

    Btw, I'd like to point out that it makes a lot of sense that the reading focuses on my emotional life as this job situation and my health are stressing me immensely and I'm panicked maybe more that I should be and not giving myself the time to process my emotions and heal.

  • Hey I will take a look at the outlook on accepting this low-paying job offer...

    ten cards again

    1. question = Judgment

    2. crossing = Hermit

    3. crowns = 5 of Wands

    4. beneath = 4 of Pentacles

    5. recent = 4 of Wands

    6. ahead = 6 of Wands

    7. self = 3 of Wands

    8. house = 10 of Pentacles

    9. hope = 10 of Swords

    10. Chariot

    This seems to support you taking the low paying job to me.

    a lot of Wands so "path" is showing with this question so it seems to say "this is your path" in some sense.

    4 of Pentacles is what is your foundation here, so that is basic security pattern, and shouldn't be concerned about the pay rate too much, nor what field it is in.

    10 of Swords hope seems to be your speculations in other fields.

    Outcome = take the job (if you ask me, it is motion outcome as regards the question).

    Me? I would be grateful for any job at all, so if I were you I would probably take the door that is open to you, and be grateful for anything in this day and age. Just my 2 cents.

  • Thanks a lot Astra! You're right. After some thinking I came to the same conclusion, as well. I'll definitely take either one of them. I'm saying either, because I heard back from the first job (with the horrendous salary) today and they say they're going to get back to me on Monday with a definite answer (I told them I would take the other offer if they didn't raise the salary and they asked for another day to finalise things.). So hopefully all will be cleared on Monday. I know all this sounds like I have the dream situation, but it's actually quite sad when you consider the salaries I am offered. I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't living with my folks.

    But, as you said, in this day and age, any job is better than no job.

    Thanks again for your time.

    All my best.

  • hello again, astra, i hope you're doing well.

    after you've so kindly done these readings for me, i accepted the low paying job offer and i'm starting the job in the beginning of new year. however, we haven't made any sort of official agreement. in the meantime, a friend of mine informed me about a job opening in the company she's has started to work for a few months ago. i helped out this friend while she was desperate for a job a few years back and she sort of "owes" me. anyway, she told me of this position but kept complaining about the job, the company, the workload and the people she's working with. i asked about her salary since it was going to be a huge factor for me in deciding to work there or not but she refused to tell me, claiming that "she was forbidden to talk about it". anyway, i went for an interview and it went really well and they called back for a second interview which is tomorrow.

    as you can probably tell, my friend soured my enthusiasm for this job. i don't know about the salary yet because they don't tell you till the very end (which is horrible) but the company itself is well known and is the kind of company that could open other doors for you in the future.

    i guess the reason i'm writing to you is this: is my friend being truthful about this job? she's never given me a reason to doubt her loyalty before but she isn't someone i've spent a lot of time with so i can't say i know her very well. could you please look into the cards for me? i don't want to miss the position i'm already offered for one that's going to supposedly make me miserable.

    thanks a lot in advance!

  • hello avor

    don't you love having to think about job-related issues around Christmas? not really, right?

    Okay, I took at look at this and will share what seemed suggested from the cards. Please keep in mind this is for entertainment only... you still have to come to your own decisions, however i do believe the universe does try to help us by any means it can. Anyway...

    Same approch as before, 10 cards, Celtic Cross (and I attached my little pencil sketch below of the cards).

    1-question/situation - Ace of Swords

    2-crossing - Star

    3-above - 2 of Cups

    4-beneath - 3 of Pentacles

    5-recent - 4 of Pentacles

    6-ahead - Lovers

    7-self - 4 of Swords

    8-house - 9 of Wands

    9-hope - Justice

    10-outcome - 7 of Wands

    Your concern is ace of swords (beginning of thinking about something) crossed by Star which seems to represent the "new" job option - this other job that your friend informed you about. The Ace seems to be your decision to begin the job you have currently been pursuing. The one that looks fairly certain although nothing has been totally formed up yet. This other job seems to be more like "pie in the sky" (Star) possibilities. Could be better, could be worse. You have questions about it, hence the reading.

    Above, 2 of Cups is where you mind is at, agreements, emotional ones. Seems like a happy choice to me. I think this is more to do with your original choice to take the first job. I think your thoughts on that are pretty balanced and feels nice. Like, "hey, it isn't the highest paying job, but they seem nice enough, and it is a start"... that is simple, nice '2 of Cups' thinking.

    Beneath, your foundation in this question, is the 3 of Pentacles. Communiction (3) about material life issues (Pentacles). This is going to be the underlying influence in the entire reading, this is something to really consider as it shows what is most important to you deep down. In this case it is communication and dialogue in physical settings. So communication is very important to you in a job situation. That means clarity and everything is out in the open and explained abc simple. This is very important to you. You are not going to be happy in some job where they expect you to "read their minds" or the comm patterns are weird or confusing.

    Recently, 4 of Pentacles, this seems to characterize the job you have already decided to pursue. It seems to represent security to you, basic dependability.

    Ahead, Lovers. Okay, this is weird to me. Everything has been pretty clear until we got here. Lover relates to 7's which relates to "spirit-dream-romance" and a lot of la la land areas that can be fun and can be really weird and confuding too. I want to say this shows something about a future where you decide to choose this "other" job... there is something la la land about it that I don't think is in keeping with what is most important to you (foundation, 3 of Pentacles). The "Lovers" isn't concerned about material matters at all, basic security patterns like jobs. The Lovers just want love and bliss and that can be fine in a love question. This isn't a love question. This is a job question so that raises questions to me right there.

    Self - your general attitude about the question - 4 of Swords. This again is showing that your attitude is very much on basic, meat and potatoes depenable areas of life - in this case it is secure and reliable communications. That is what is important to you. I would be very cautious about any situation that isn't clear to you, raises questions, is vague and squirrely like this "new" job possibility. It sounds a little squirrely to me.

    House - 9 of Wands. This is the "house" for the question, and it is 9, complete, perfect path-role-intention wands. Which means the "environment" for your question is complete as is. 9's do not want to change and espcially in Wands. This would be an atmosphere that keeps a path going whatever it is. This would not be supporting a change on your job path as relating to the outer world around the question.

    Hope - Justice - Justice is like the 4 of Swords, it is rational, logical, balanced. secure. Courtroom aren't going to be tolerating squirreliness and weird job settings. Your "hope" is balance job, a job that you can measure and see clearly what is required, no phony-baloney and weird, "what in the world does she mean by that comment?" settings. You need a setting that is intellectually sound, calm, clear. If that first job option you chose is more like that, then that could be the best choice for you even if it pays less. There is no amount of money in the world worth having to work in situations that vex your soul with weird, emotional, half-baked requests and lack of communication.

    Outcome - 7 of Wands. This again is picking up on that Lovers choice to chase this other job situation. 7 Wands can be another weird situation. 7's are spiritual and "out there" so, this is a nice card for church, not so great for a job. So, I think the reading is basically saying, that this new job option could end up being a little strange or off in weird places a little. That is what I get anyway.

    I didn't really look at the question "is your friend telling you the truth?" - I think in general I would take people at face value and not try to sift out what they say. She is complaining about it? There is probably a reason she is complaining about it.

    Okay there you go! I trust you will make the right decision.

    Best wishes for the holidays, avor, hope they are great for you! Try not to think too much about job land, think more about Santa and the North Pole. 🙂

  • The above post was not sent by me. To use my photo with it is fraudulent and really despicable tactics. Any person who would offer such a service in this fashion is a con artist. The Tarot site needs to close its security holes.

  • Hello AstraAngel, I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

    We don't celebrate Christmas where I live so I didn't have time off to think about anything else but the job land to be honest 🙂 I've wanted to update you about it since there's been a development.

    This new job that I've asked you about ended up being the one I took in the end. You know, the one you said came across a bit off in the reading. The salary they were offering was a lot better than the other one and they are a prestigious and well-known company. I'm starting the job on Monday.

    What you were picking up on was about the workplace and environment I think because from what I've gathered from the interviews I had with them, they are really cautious towards new employees and have a very competitive work enviroment. They claim to favor team work but the behavior they are encouraging and suggesting is very individualist. I know this sounds a bit weird, but in my culture it's sort of understandable but still not very ideal. I hope I made sense 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the readings and your help. They are very much appreciated.

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