For MistofEmerald - need guidance please

  • Hi MistofEmerald,

    May I have a reading, if you see this?

    I got a reading that suggests that C (the man I asked about, with you) is being nice to me for his own gain. That he is essentially a player and I'm one of many that he is 'nice' to. That he tries to get female 'patrons'. And that he will use me, if he can. Essentially a horrible person.

    I was very shocked because C gives off very healing and kind energy. Yes he is starting to be friendlier, but he's still professional. I don't sense an agenda. In fact, it feels like he is a decent man, mature and proper, respectful and dignified. Someone who is looking out for my interests. That is what drew me to him. It occurred to me that, at very least, C would have a positive influence on the way I view men and relationships.

    I generally do trust my instincts, and I feel that C is a good man. But this reading spooked me because I have been wrong about people before. The description I was given actually sounds like a combination of my exes who did not treat me well. And I paid dearly for not spotting red flags with them. So I don't know if that's the energy that was picked up on. Or if it's really C.

    I would like to hope that if there was a predator in my midst, I would be able to sense it.

    I'm frightened, because I have already started to trust him. I feel that he is being sincere, and I want to disregard what I was told. Just need some clarity and insight.

    Please, may I have a reading on this?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Danceur,

    Saw you out there and just wanted to say hi... so you are trying to get involved with someone huh? you haven't learned your lesson have you? haha just kidding... its a tricky game isn't it, love... feelings... trusting someone again after the bottom drops out... anyway just wanted to say hello and... good luck with C! make him sign a "prenup" for dating... 🙂 work out all the potential nightmares with him ahead of time .... 🙂

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