Will my house ever sell

  • Hello all, can anyone see my house selling or being rented. Hopefully soon, going broke trying to keep up 2 resistances. Thank you

  • When you think of your house and all its associations, what comes to mind first?

  • That i live a thousand miles away, and I need it sold or rented. I have only owned it 4 years and only lived in it 2 years. I have no ties to it.

  • Could it be the past association with your partner that keeps the house tied to you? Could a subconscious part of you be holding onto the house in the hope of getting back together?

  • No there is no past association. I'm not holding onto to it. I pray all the time that. It gets sold.

  • No past association that you know of consciously - yet the house is still clinging to you or you to it. Are you being completely honest with yourself that you have no tiny subliminal hope of getting back with your ex or hoping he sees the light and comes begging to you for forgiveness and/or renewed love?

  • He lives with me now and we got remarried in may. This has nothing to do with us. We started a new life 1000 miles away. 2 of my kids are here and one still lives up there, in her own place.

  • Is the economy bad where the house is? Is your asking price too low or too high? Who,is in charge of selling your home? I am trying to think what you can do to improve the chances of it selling. Staging or taking it off the market (especially during winter) and then Putting it back on the market could help. Remember, you have something to sell and it will, but unfortunately not when you want to but when the time is right. Hang in there it will sell.

  • Good Advice, Thanks

  • Then you may be clinging to happy memories you made in the house. This is more than just an economic situation. There is some hope or feeling concerning that house you are not letting go of. Houses retain our energies for a long time. Can you try imagining cords running from the house to you and then cutting those cords, or pulling any remaining energy of yours away from the house and back to you?

  • I am going to this house next week, maybe that will help.

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