• I am a Taurus who has a strong attraction to a Scorpio. I feel a connection between us that I have never experienced before.. When I see him I can feel it in my gut the attraction is mutual, but he plays it very cool and says nothing. How can I know for sure???

  • When he becomes utterly possessive. : )

    That's not to make light of your concern in any way, Nov, it just is. I've never known a Scorpio who didn't have this trait in spades. Scorpio also have the sting in the tail. In a way, it sounds like you are caught between the two right now. If you feel certain the attraction is there, ride it out and see what happens.

    Also, why not read about Scorpio here at T.c, , if you haven't already. Very informative.

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  • ...Sometimes there is a time to go with your "gut instinct".

    If you really want to know, then be brave, and take a chance. Approach him about the subject. Let him know how you feel, and ask him how he feels about it.

    In this approach, you do risk being wrong and perhaps feeling foolish. But you will know. If your gut is right, then you certainly will be glad that you did it. If your gut is wrong, then you'll at least know and the confusion will be over.

  • Thanks for the insight..

  • Oh boy do I know what you are feeling!!!!! Read my post taurus female/scorpio male.

    I need help too.

    in my gut I know there is something there. My gut has never been wrong before. I feel something that I have only felt once before....with a Taurus male. 25 Yrs's still there. The's way more intense with him. And right b4 I met the scorpio....the Taurus just admitted how he feels when he's with me. I felt the same. So I KNOW the scorpio is feeling it, too. And EVERYBODY who sees us together mentions how much we are into each other. Even my teenager noticed at the party. he said 'mom he likes you." And the second time he saw him he said "mom, you should date him." kids know. My kids think he's a friend, but both fell in love with him. lol

    as i say....kisses never lie.

  • oh, scorpios have to learn to trust before they admit feelings. they come off having a hard shell, but once you get in.....

    my daughter is a scorpio.

    and you know men.....they act as if they don't care til they are sure you are into them.

    scorpio men like compliments. and attention. just don't do what i did....and lose yourself in him. he WILL notice and back off. show him you are strong and have a life.

    i wish it was easier.....but things that are worth it are worth the effort.

    especially winning that scorpio man's heart.

    taurus is an EXCELLENT match for scorpio, by the way. as long as you communicate.

    you have to let HIM chase you, tho.

  • Dude this sound all to familair to me. Scorpios love Taurus's. like posted above need to see they can trust before they open up. This sex would be explosive-trust me, but scorpio can become jealous over Taurus's open, flirty nature and will be hard not to get jealous or possessive over. My relationship failed with taurus because I could not trust-even if trustable. The chemistry is out of this world between these two signs. I am a female scorp and the only person besides pisces that ever got away or drove me that wild was a taurus.

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