I will do 7 readings

  • ok, here is my question: what energies are surrounding me at work currently, are there any changes ahead?

  • MofE, Wonderful reading. When you get a chance would like to get a reading on my career/career goals. I'll wait and post a request later on this forum.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Alenabrz,

    I see that is why all of the cards were related to islands , travel, I would say that this does not change aspects of the reading for you unless you would not consider moving to the states for a job. In that case than look for a job to come to you with a company that is in your region and a man owns this company . Three story building and modern in structure. I hear the name of Lilly here.

    I am glad you enjoyed the reading.


  • moonalisa

    In regard to your work changes. The cards are indicating that there is an older man that has medium brown hair and than there is the older man on the lighter side as he is a heart. They are in big business and seems they have reached a stalemate, so if they are partners they may split which would cause some changes for you, what comes through the cards is the law area or medical. If this is one of the area in which you now work in than you are facing success with promotion or raise in pay. You will create a new image of yourself in that you will show how much power you have mentally and I feel like you are an excellent worker, giving it your all and even letting some fun slide by so that you can stay on top of needed skills.

    I drew three crystal cards for you:

    Emerald -Healing

    Healing in regards to an illness where professional and alternative medicine for health solutions are considered.

    Surgery may also be in the picture for overall healing. I must note here I am not a doctor and am reading cards and relating the meanings.

    Lapis- Wisdom

    Keep your own council. Sometimes it is best to just keep your personal plans to yourself and not even discuss them with a good friend. Use your inner guidance and discernment.


    A decisive break in something that has ended and since this card fell next to the Twin card it's meaning might be Divorce, time to move on and change directions.

    It looks like you have a full plate and not just for the holidays. You are at a crossroads in life and I feel you have all the inner strength needed to proceed with your life and make the right and proper decisions to help you move forward into a better physical and mental space. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel for you, but just what would we do without the tunnels to help us dig, and crawl and than walk into the light and happiness that we have very much earned .

    I will be checking back here from time to time and have enjoyed reading for you.


  • Transformed

    In answer to if K will relocate to your hometown in 2016

    Not at this time period as there seem to be issues of job and loss of and sale of a home and than moving into a smaller place. Other issues are present also to prevent a move to your hometown at this time.

    Friends are wonderful to have to talk to and share our lives with, we all have to try to remember to hold them close to our hearts and also build new friendships along this journey of life that we all share with so many others along the way. Keep your heart open and you just may meet new friends that will leave you Transformed.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Holidays

    This is my last reading for now. I will check back in the near future.


  • MofE, thank you so much for this reading! I am grateful for your time an energy. Would it be possible to elaborate on "other issues that are also present to prevent a move...."??? This is a potential lover; so I know that there is a splitting & parting with current situation. Just trying to truly solidify in my own mind/heart whether I should move on if his desire here is not honestly authentic 😞

    Any additional insight would be appreciated, if possible. Thanks so much!


  • Transformed

    I got that money issues are a concern is there a child involved here? Other people in this person life has to be considered also. Legal issues may be a concern here too.

    There is no one or thing that is to come to us before its time is due in our lives. Patience and gratitude is a winning attitude no matter what we face and endure.


  • MistOfEmerald! Thank you so much! You are so correct about 'timing'! You have confirmed some things for me here as well. I am so grateful for your insights, your energy and your time!

    Light and Love be multiplied to you MofE!! 🙂


  • Not sure if you did seven yet. At this point I am open to another perspective. I have been homeless about 6 months now. I keep getting makeshift 10-15 hour a week jobs. Nothing is stable I've tried various forms of art - character rape and inequality with opportunity, is all I get. I am negative in hole financially - loosing will.

  • Thank you MistofEmerald :), i need to digest the reading... most importantly i have found a flicker of hope in your words 🙂 thanks a lot.

  • Leo444

    I have reached seven readings, however your request has a deep need to it so I pulled three crystal cards for you after I said a prayer and this is what I drew:


    A miracle is on it way to you and may be right in front of you. Ask and expect miracles and try to be one to someone else along the way in the future.


    People who are from all walks of life with common culture , goals so forth. You are ask at this time in your life journey to be cooperative and show kindness and gratitude to what is to come for you and to you. Getting assistance from others.


    Blessings are coming to you, stagnant issues will be moved forward. I feel you are strong enough and have enough faith to meet any challenge and move forward with help given in positive ways.

    Renewal in family matters is what this predicting.

    I would like for you to come back on this board and tell us how you are doing in the near future, as I feel you will have good news to share with us all.

    I will keep you in my prayers Leo444


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  • Thank you!

  • I will update within - 2 weeks.

  • Thank you MistorEmerald,

    Your reading was very helpful and uplifting in my career area as I'm on my way as of next year to graduate in the course that I'm doing and try to find a new job. As for the heart problems yes it's a struggle at the moment. As for the man I'll have to wait and see lol. Thank you many blessings to you.

  • Update:

    In AZ - car busted in TX - was able to get it to AZ. Just got it repaired. About 900 in debt. Applied for jobs, nothing yet.

  • Landed very good job- thank you again

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