I will do 7 readings

  • MistofEmerald

    I will do seven readings for those of you needing one. Please give me your DOB and one question to be answered in the life questions area. Please count to make sure you are not number eight and left out of the readings.

    Thanks and I look forward to doing the readings

  • Me 9/4/91

    Her 5/27/94

    She broke up with me 6 months ago. Now her presents I can feel it.

    Dream of her sister keeps coming up, found her pipe.

    She blocked me from everything. Haven't heard anything from but I have been successful.i miss her and wish to know if she will reach out soon, or is she looking for someone that is like me or is with someone. Idk what to ask to be honest.

    My dreams are indicating that she is lonely and misses me.

  • Hi Mist,

    May I have a reading?

    DOB: 25 Oct 1979

    I've developed a liking for a man, C.

    But I'm also frustrated - because of our circumstances (I'm a client) - I'm not able to do anything about this. Not sure if he even likes me that way or is available.

    I would like to see if there's a chance to advance this at a later stage.


  • Galaxywarriors,

    I drew three crystal cards for you:

    The first is News: Strong healing powers being sent to you, news your waiting for is on its way to you, once received it will bring balance to your life.

    The second is Flow: Not every situation can be controlled, just go with the flow, don't fight it, as that will lead you nowhere, relax and go where you are lead or guided.

    The third is Success: You have divine protection at this time and you will be very successful in your work area, you will overcome a problem or situation. You have strong spiritual guidance towards any goal you undertake.

    I feel that you will be meeting someone else a blonde that wears a cool looking pair of glasses and they could be red in color. She is like springtime with a super energy to share. Book smart and knows where she is going and what she wants out of life. The letter S is in her name first or last starting letter. You have lots of good new friends on your New Years Menu, travel and adventure also to Europe or a place where the language and music are like love songs being played and danced to.

    Happy Holidays


  • Dancer

    I drew three crystal cards for you and they came in the color of green which for some means money is on it way and that healing of emotions is in order and will be addressed.

    First : Emotional concerns , health, and attracting what you are holding onto inside. You need to re think in positive ways. Move beyond face value and look more at life in a spiritual way.

    Second : Anxiety, emotional turmoil, afraid of gossip. You can move forward with grace and calm and overcome these emotions.

    Third: Jade Something very important in life about to happen for you. Do you travel to or want to travel to a foreign place?

    Summery: In answer to your question about C. If he is almost black headed and wears black glasses when needed and has a beautiful smile , than you could move forward with how he feels about you, but I am feeling there is another woman with or around him at this time. If the man I just described to you is not C, than look forward to meeting him with little effort and a casual encounter like at the food store or gas station. I hear the name of Bill coming in here and he may become important to you in the near future. You will not be alone much longer as I feel the new year will bring with it many changes in your patterns of life and thinking. In so doing you will open up new doors in most areas of your life. Do u do ballerina type dancing ? Because I just got that in my third eye with you. Dancing is something that brings healing to you and good physical strength also.

    New doors to walk through for you coming up in the first three months of the new year. New York comes in here and the east coast will play a part in your life for years to come. Allen is also a name given for you to look forward to in your New Year journey. Look and feel you best dear as you are going places in 2016 and will be very happy personally by the end of the year.

    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving


  • So I guess nothing about her?

    And thank you

  • Thank you so much Mist!

    That is a lovely reading:)

    Couldn't help but hone in on the part about dancing - I don't do ballet per se, but I do dance. You are right that it is very healing for me - but I had to stop completely recently because of a long-standing back injury. Doing physical therapy now and hoping I will be strong enough to dance again hopefully within 6 months.

    Yes I do want to travel - I haven't had a chance to in almost 10 years. I don't live in the US though. There's a part of my soul that wants to leave everything behind, go somewhere else and start anew, learn a different trade and maybe find a mate along the way. I do already feel the beginnings of change in my patterns of thinking - but there's such a big gap between where I am and what I'm starting to want... don't know how to move in the right direction and it brings up feelings of inadequacy sometimes.

    The description of the man doesn't sound like C. It actually sounds like a co-worker who is already married, whom I don't fancy LOL. I do feel I'm moving towards a mate - it's just that I've had quite a few false starts (one-sided attractions) in the last 2 years (C is the latest one it seems), and I'm quite disappointed with that.

    You are right - I need to keep the faith and think positive, and quell the anxiety. Am taking it a day at a time.

    Thanks again, Mist 🙂

  • Hi MistorEmerald

    I might sound boarding but I need some insight of my ex relationship. It's been 2 weeks that we have gone our own paths. Should I wait things out or is there no hope and move on?

    Thank you in advance for your help and time.

    Many blessings to you that you are helping people in troublesome

  • Galaxy warrior,

    I did not pick up on her energy therefore I would say that you miss her a lot , yet you have not moved on those feelings to contact her and renew a relationship because you made the decision to let it go, and you know why, you must move forward and do what your destiny leads you to do. Success is very much in the forefront for you this new year. Lets not forget that I received information that you have a very interesting woman soon to meet.

    Your Welcome


  • Sorry forgot my dob is 10 September 1968

  • This post is deleted!

  • Gino26

    I pulled some cards for your question and this is what came forth:

    There is a good natured man , affectionate and romantic and stable coming into the picture here. He is pass the age of forty. He is kind and helpful in nature.

    In the work area there is new business for you and travel. Are you wanting a resident change? This is what 2016 vibes are: Material abundance.

    You need to rest and let go of your worries before continuing on your love journey.

    Again business and work come in: New Opportunity that brings a new outlook on life for you.

    Take care of your health and do you have knee or leg pain?

    Looks like a struggle or difficult ending for matters of the heart now. Yet the new year brings new hope and beginnings with a new job or change in job, learning new skills.

    Your answer is within the reading dear and I know that with the New Year you will find the happiness your heart longs for in love. At times love finds us when we are not looking.

    Blessings to You & Yours


  • Hi MistofEmerald, could i get a reading from you too?

  • MofE, Need a general reading. Main question tho is regarding family spec. me and son's relationship. Anything else you pick-up would be appreciated.

  • Hello Mist of Emerald, may I get a reading too please? 🙂 Nov 8, 1963!

  • Oops, forgot the question: Will K relocate to my hometown in 2016?

  • alenabrz

    From the look of the cards I laid down for you. You live in the south? TN, KY, VA areas come in here. Right now looks like depression is trying to become your soul mate and you dare not let it because in the coming new year, you have a new career on the horizon and I need to ask you if you are considering a career in law? What is real interesting here are cards that say international , and the Islands , and out of country. So look for travel to meet you are most every turn in 2016, or you will be working for a company that deals with international trade or out of country exchange in some way.

    You will have a surprise job offer coming in the next three months which will surprise you.

    My second deal revels that you may move out of state with a new job and there are facts to be found out, there are two people that you should be talking to a older gray haired man, and a light headed fair skinned woman . FL, GA VA come in here for you also in the career sector. I see travel by air and talking with these people about a job. The company is expanding so that is a plus. I hear the name of Mable here and Roger. They may be people you know or have yet to meet and will be helpful in some way.

    I feel good in saying that you will achieve your career goal in early 2016. You will be happier than you feel you may deserve in the coming months. Just remember that noting and no one comes to us before it is their time to.

    I hope you have a Great Big Turkey for Thanksgiving and don't forget that special pie too.


  • MoonaLisa

    Yes, you can I just need your question? If it is in regard to work area. Please tell me in what area you are working in.

  • Am I too late?

  • Daliolite

    Your son came in right away and I am assuming that he has some addiction problems that leads him to live in his head and in the past. He needs some guidance and it may be professional that is needed along with some spiritual in which I feel he is not to connected with at this time.

    If he is job seeking than there is work for him in TX, AZ, NV areas and this may make him move out of state? The company in which he will be seeking work from has yellow as it theme color and that is good for him mentally.

    If he is unattached at this time, I can hear a woman singing around him and she has a beautiful voice. She will have a calming affect on him and help him keep centered and grounded.

    Your relationship with your son is like I see a titter totter and that is how it will remain until he finds the peace of mind and people that will help him to balance himself through love and understanding. I feel you are to close to what is happening with his life and perhaps like any Mother you judge out of concern for him.

    The cards tell of weight loss for you and speak of how wonderful a healer you are with the ability to see and hear spirit . You do have a love wish coming true for you soon, so please look forward to that.

    The second deal of the cards brought your son back in again with a new job and on the job training I get the area of FL, GA, VA coming in around him as well as the areas mentioned above. He should want to start his own business somewhere in the future, as he likes to be his own boss.

    At times in life we want to give our hearts to certain people, Friends, children and lovers , yet it seems the more you give the less you feel you receive . Why? I really feel it is because we can love another yet we have to know when to let go and let God so to speak. Let them have their own experiences and yet let them know that you are there if needed with unconditional love which for some of us is just so hard to give. I know you are a loving person and that you will be blessed for giving out love and helping others with your god given gift.

    I wish you the best Holiday Season Yet


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