• Dear Captain or blmoon,

    My cousin E.Q. dob 6/6/77 has testicular cancer. They did a bone scan and brain scan. Can you please tell me how far it has spread, and if he is getting treated at the right place? A week before he discovered his cancer, I started talking to him and something had been telling me to call him for a while. I feel like I am meant to help in someway but don;t know how. I dont know if I am being guided so I can change this experience with someone with this disease or what. Where should I tell him to go, what should I tell him to do, and how bad is it really? Please help. If there is a place that you pick up on that can serve him better or anything would be appreciated. He is a great guy, not a drinker or smoker, no kids and married. I feel terrible for him that he is going through this. Thank you !

  • I don't feel the cancer has spread very far. The doctors can handle it but you can give him your support and be there for him. And stop being so anxious - you will just pass that on to your cousin. The best thing you can do for him is to stay calm and not panic.

  • Thank you captain. I am anxious not so much just about that , but other stupid stuff that cropped up in my life.

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