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  • Hello Everyone,

    Noobie alert! This is my first forum post in regards to a reading I did for myself. Im not new to tarot have tipped toed round it for years from books, however decided now is the time to take my studies seriously and boy do I wish I had done it more years ago! Anyways... I m concerned to the cards I recieved and hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. The question I asked was "will it be true love? "

    The cards received were: Devil, Tower and the Hanged man. To me this spread screams NO! On 1st glance I see that this relationship 'devil' is not good for me and will shatter my beliefs that it is true love by the 'tower' of which will result in me been left 'hanging' to start all over again?

    I know that the devil demonstrates enslavement either by choice or controlling nature of another along with obsession and strong physical attraction.

    This moves into the tower of which I understand to be the destruction of your foundation and beliefs been realigned as the universe intervens if you are stuck on the wheel so to speak. Also I understand that this card refers to the removal of illusions / or false beliefs.

    Then the hanged man is self introspection in order to understand a fresh perspective with a better understanding and also the card of self sacrifice to let go of something in order to gain something more beneficial.

    Am I on the right lines or do any of you lovely people see something different? I did a bit of digging online and seen this combo in a forum to denote suicide!! I would very much appreciate others points of view on this card combo as these major arcana cards have so many multi faceted meanings. Thank you in advance for your time.

  • Regen,

    Hi, you can use the definitions as a guild line. You will end up using your blend of what you feel if you trust yourself and experience it enough. You have to crawl before you walk and find a path that works for you. So everyone will have their own opinion, but so many other factors affect you decision or opinion. So for me it's hard come out and say you felt while you did your reading. Example: when I do readings in front of people I have them shuffle the deck so they put there thoughts into the question...sometimes I can tell they are nervous and rush there question...I make them slow down and sometimes reshuffle. atmosphere that you are doing the reading is it at a quiet time....are you relaxed...can you focus....so many things are factors... try different spreads....find what works for you, there is no right or wrong....and do you trust what you feel or see....are you reading what you want to hear? so you may find not many people respond to the question is this what you think? so many unknowns to that question... some people don't do reversals, did you shuffle both major and minor cards? trial and error and keep doing readings and you will find your niche

    hope that helps,


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