Good Morning! I would like your advise with love/relationships...

  • I entered a relationship with a man born 1-21-1960 (Aquarius). My birthdate is 11-22-1958 on the cusp (scorpio/sag.). We have grown close after dating on and off since November of last year. By saying on and off or he split it off with me abruptly saying we just got too close too fast and he had a lot of issues and problems in his family to work out.

    Well, we got back together and yes he did have a lot of issues to work out but he also was seeing another woman.They broke it off and he started calling me again. We are now getting along pretty well. But, he still has some issues..with money lately he's been borrowing money from me he's paid back some of it.. Also, I just don't know if I trust this man. He tells me he loves me every day but I sometimes feel insecure about our relationship...I know this is a brief description but I have to leave for work..Let me know if you feel any kind of a psychic vibe from this. Any help would be appreciated. I'll get back on later for a better description. Thank U

  • Its sounds to me as if he is using you. When he split with you and you found out it was because of another women..... how did you feel? Did he tell you that he was breaking up with you because of another women? If not, than that is a clear sign of dishonesty. Did you have a commited relationship? Like... You are my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend? The money problem... Are you now in a committed relationship with him? Are you sure he is committed to the relationship between you two? These are things you should think about before you loan him another dime. Do you have a resasonable payback schedule ? If not make one and hold him to it. It's not Psychic, it's just common sense and my take on your story.

    If you feel insecure about the relationship...There is a reason. More times than not, you know what that reason is, if you are being true to yourself. Address that reason with him and you will find your answers, by lstening to what he has to say and his actions thereafter. Good Luck to you

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