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  • Article by Kari Samuels

    The Law of Entrainment

    The basic law of Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the universe is made up of particles or waves, vibrating like strings at different frequencies. From the cells in our own bodies to the light and sound waves that echo through the cosmos. Within these vibrational phenomena, resonating particles will communicate with and influence each other. Negative energy is a real thing - people, places, objects - everything has a vibration, and sensitive people can FEEL that negativity. It can hurt them. They might then want to try and change someone's behaviour from negative to positive by arguing or reasoning with them, whether it be a spouse, partner, parent, child, sibling, pet, co-worker, boss, friend, colleague, or just someone on Facebook. But it won't work. You can't change other people by trying to make them see things your way or forcing them to change their minds/attitude.

    And yet, being around certain people and environments can be so very draining. Though you can't change others, you can change how you respond to them, you can change yourself. By changing yourself, you can change your world and the planet. Yet, what does that really mean? We've been taught that, if we think positive thoughts, then we attract what we desire. Yet, sometimes positive thinking can actually wind up causing you more anxiety, because you are repressing your negative but natural human emotions. If you want to change your life, you need to change your energy. So how do you do that when the other people around you are affecting you negatively, and you're in depleting circumstances? Well, we all live in a world that is interconnected. This is a holographic Universe, which means we all affect each other. And that's a good thing. Although it can sometimes seem impossible, you can make a difference in the world, and you CAN change your life for the better through applying the Law of Entrainment.

    This is basically when one vibrational frequency can change the resonance of those around it, so that they are synchronized. For instance, if you strum an A string on a guitar, and there is another guitar next to it - the OTHER guitar A string will vibrate too. Flocks of birds all fly in unison. When one firefly lights up, so do any others nearby. This happens with people as well. Women who live or work together will begin to have their menstrual period on or about the same time. If you’ve ever been in the presence of a deeply calm person, or perhaps a spiritual master, you may have noticed something quite intriguing. Your breathing will tend to slow down, and your body settles into a relaxed state. In short, the powerful resonance of the serene energy field of a regular meditator or spiritual master has the capacity to influence you, and you will find that you naturally sync to their tranquil and expanded consciousness.

    This process is called ‘entrainment’. Our bodies naturally entrain to external rhythms without us really noticing. We often fall into sync with a dominant personality, perhaps mimicking their body language, intonation and style without realising. If a dominant energy in a close relationship pervades for too long, the less dominant person may begin to feel they have lost their way. Resisting entrainment to the dominant force will usually bring disharmony, and require more energy, so the dynamic continues longer than it should. If the rhythm is not reset to one that resonates, allowing both in the relationship a chance to 'lead the beat', the relationship cannot remain healthy.

    The leading beat can also come from a piece of music; influencing our internal rhythm through waves of sound. It may be the waves of light which set our circadian rhythms. Phases of the moon entrain hormonal cycles, and our own breath influences our heart beat and respiration. The external rhythm set by modern life is fast, and in order to stay in step, we tend to speed up as well. This creates a kind of synchronicity between ourselves and society, which works to a degree, but has the effect of influencing the rhythm of our natural state of being. In order to truly thrive, we must learn to disengage from this external beat, and reset our own rhythm.

    This we can do by actively entraining to a more gentle, restorative beat through meditation. Meditation creates space from our thoughts, reminding us that the thinking mind is not always our best guide. Many of us exist more comfortably in a state of conflict than one of peace; permitting ourselves to be governed by chronic anxiety. Societal messages fuel self-doubt in individuals, and opposing them just takes too much energy. We naturally become entrained to those larger energies, and learn to live with them. In coming to understand the power of entrainment and the effect it can have on our being, we can use it to harmonise and heal our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

    Our bodies (not just the physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual bodies) entrain to various vibrations in our surroundings, from high-tension power lines (known to promote cancer) to cell phones (also associated with cancer) to music. Cancer cells vibrate at a different oscillation than healthy cells. Understanding a little more about entrainment can be advantageous to your health. And, by understanding the concept of entrainment, you begin to have a better appreciation for the concepts of harmony and coherence, not just poetic concepts, but ideals in which to live your life.

    Stated simply, stress is the opposite of harmony. If you are vibrating to a high frequency, you can get other people's energy to start humming along to a higher frequency too. Yet, if you're sensitive to other people's energy, they can get you resonating to THEIR frequency. That's why YOU want to embody the strongest energy in your environment. Love is the strongest energy in the Universe - ideally, we are all resonating with the beautiful energy of LOVE. Thought processes ruled by fear, anxiety, and resignation directly impact our physical body. In tuning into society, we can lose our internal balance. And in the absence of homeostasis (metabolic equilibrium), illness and disease can set in. We can learn to entrain ourselves through practices that will anchor in certain states in our body and nervous system.

    One of the most common methods is through the breath. Regular, active resetting is necessary and achieved through deep regular breathing. Sound - through music, chanting or sound healing - can also be effective. Energetic healers make use of therapeutic tools to entrain the body towards a more balanced state. Traditional practices such as Reiki or QiGong use the frequency of energy to shift energy before it becomes matter.

    You yourself can –

    Cleanse your chakras and aura through visualizing white light around you. Speak loving words to yourself and others. Practice gratitude. Forgive yourself and others. Connect with your Angels. Listen to Your intuition. Shine your inner light more brightly. View your life from a higher perspective.

    You can entrain your energy to the loving frequency of the angels. The Archangels will uplift your energy, so call on them for help. It's actually their divine assignment to do so. They are here to help you lighten your energy, when the world around you feels heavy. And when you do, you change YOUR world, and the world around you. Including the people in your environment. You can call in your angels to be with you, every day. They are always here for you.

    Simple healing methods such as entrainment can be used daily to guide our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies towards harmony. You can become more aware of your surroundings by taking time to sense the energy, including your work space, people (and their emotions), even food (does it contain a healthy vibration? Example: processed foods have little, if any, healthy vibrations.) Music is a great way to entrain the mind into a state of relaxation, but the best music is instrumental and the best instrumental music for relaxation is that which is a bit slower (which is why classical music works). At the end of the day, turn off the TV and computer and put on some headphones and entrain to some soothing vibrations of tranquility.

    “When the universe is in harmony with man, the eternal truth is known and felt as beauty.” - Tagore

    “Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.” -William Hazlitt

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