Work Reading - some insights please?

  • I have just crossed my first year at my current job.

    I feel that part of my contribution lies is in improving the way things are being done, even in small tasks. However, whenever visible changes are made, it often involves going through a thick layer of red tape to get approvals. Since my boss is the one who has to facilitate and work through the red tape - she is understandably reluctant to support my efforts, and quite often she would rather I give her "sub-standard" work (fly under the radar). But it runs counter to my work ethic and abilities. For the amount of work that is sometimes involved - I'd rather do that bit extra and do it right once and for all.

    The more I 'grow' into this job, the harder it is becoming. I have certain skills and abilities that can really help to improve our standards - and it is very hard for me to 'dumb down'. I know she is sometimes angry with me but really I'm not trying to make things difficult for her - I wish she could see this as an opportunity.

    May I have a reading about how to navigate this and also, if you see a new work opportunity opening up in the next 6 months?

    I am still interested in the idea of working in the healing arts (eg physical therapy or some kind of therapeutic healing), but in one of my previous readings, I was told that I'd missed the window for this (eg. because of age/life stage and also now because of my injuries). I am now working on my own healing to try and facilitate more work opportunities in the future. For financial reasons, it may be quite some time before I can consider a career switch.

    Is this (the healing arts) something I can still start to pursue in a few years, or is there another path for me?

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