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  • Hello Captain, happy new year!! 😃

    Captain, are you from Australia...Have I mention to you that I named my daughter (now 4 years old) Vienna?

    You gave me a 20016-2017 reading and WOW!!!!!! Correct down to the T. (As always you are). Im finding my self to be excited about feeling very driven and ambitious to meet this year's goals Wich is to purchase a condo/townhouse since I finally have the income for it. I find my self with a string urge to start a side job, something that will be fun but productive, not necessarily to gain money. And you are right, I did start a whole new life cycle. As of now, I feel like I'm starting the second part of my life (not sure how to explain what I feel) but it's a new me, a different me. Also Captain,. I also can't see a long future, I can't imagine 5 years from now.

    Can you please help me make sense of this?

    Always very grateful for you,


  • Sweetoty, 2018 will be a special year for you, one of much illumination and ambition. It can be a time in which you will experience much soul growth and you will be called upon to give of yourself, your time, your talents, your insights. This is a very spiritual vibration and it is best to channel the energy of the year into some artistic or psychic endeavour. Your intuition should be humming with revelations, visions, and psychic clarification. 2018's energy will bring with it inspired thinking, originality, and inventiveness. There may be unexpected associations or unexpected break-ups now as new understanding dawns. The year will bring you opportunities to gain prominence in some area of your life. You may find yourself in the limelight and in a favourable position to launch a new and unique product, idea, invention, or service where you can use your originality. 2018 for you will be a time of psychic development, spiritual awareness, enlightenment and accomplishment. The year has a divine vibration which will help you in achieving your objectives in life. You will collaborate with others to work for a common cause for the benefit of all. Your intuition will guide you towards innovative accomplishments and creative subjects. You will be interested in things like the arts and spirituality. You should not scatter your energies on too many things, however, and concentrate on a few important things instead. 2018 will endow you with a special energy which can be used to motivate others. You can use your magnetic personality for achieving things beneficial for the well-being of society. You can be instrumental in bringing different groups together to achieve a peaceful environment. You will be embarking on a new path, quite different from your old monotonous routine, and will face challenges on your journey. There may be many successes, but you should be ready to face failures also. The challenge will be to adapt to the new environment, and be successful with the help of your intuition and divine intervention. The coming year's vibes for you will embody providential inspiration and making things happen. In 2018, you may discover an easy access to enlightened ideas and projects that can have a profound effect on others and yourself. The might lead you to achieving and creating in a direction that you have never been before.

    2018 for you will also be about relationships of all kinds. You might find that the relationships you make this year - be they romantic, social, spiritual or business - will be quite meaningful to your growth. But in all things, you must push yourself beyond what you have ever done before and past any insecurities or fears and this will offer you additional challenges. Yet the potential benefits of the year can be enormous. Along with it being a relationship-oriented and emotional time, you’ll be presented with opportunities to learn profound spiritual lessons. This can manifest in every way imaginable - from coping with crisis to embracing massive success. Remember this as you take in all the experiences 2018 has to offer you. While it can be at times slower moving, when you add the intensity of the energy, the year can take on an entirely different trajectory. Meaning this can be a time of huge gains in career if you’re focused on tapping into your artistry and putting yourself “out there” into the spotlight. You’ll be acutely sensitive, if not downright psychic. Can you trust your gut instincts and - moreover - make practical use of them? True, you’ll be grappling with the 'push-and-pull' of ego, giving and receiving love, and (hopefully) stepping into self-confidence in a way that is useful to you and to those around you. You will face intensities that test and strengthen your sense of self and higher purpose. This year, you are the spiritual messenger, the inspired but wounded healer whose beauty and grace under fire can be unsurpassed when handled optimally. Hang in there, slow down, and get ready for a heart-centred year. What will you manifest in 2018? Will it be the beginning of a new life path? Or a new relationship? Stepping out of your comfort zone and being out there in the world by sharing yourself with others is the big challenge. You must let go of your self-judgment and step into your brilliance. Also, don't forget to nurture your relationship with yourself, the most important relationship of all, from which all others flow. Be right with yourself and you will be right with other people. 2017 was all about new beginnings, a new start for you. 2018 is definitely your "Go for it" year.

  • Yes I am from Australia. Vienna is a lovely name too.

  • Thank you Captain for everything. I must have not submitted my initial responce which was a long and full of excitement.

  • @thecaptain

    I hope I find you doing well,

    Alot of Wonderful opportunities have been given to me at work. That's the bright side of life at this time.
    I thought I was going to have an amazing year Captain but then I was hit by a car on my way home from work and totaled my car. I just got done paying my last car off after it was totaled from another car accident, and now this accident. It happened on a Sunday and Friday before that day my car insurance was cancelled for non payment ( it usually goes through and I'm charged NSF but this time it didn't and I had plenty of money in my other accounts that I could have easily transferred) so in result during the accident I was uninsured now my gap insurance claim might not cover the rest of the loan (19,000) I owe to the finance company. I hired an attorney, but this is dragging just to get simple things done by the other drivers insurance company.
    Please Captain can I get a reading in regards to this. Why all the bad luck ? Have i been cursed?

  • @sweetoty You can either see it as bad luck and being cursed or you can take responsibility for creating your own life and look at the situation to see what the Universe and your higher self is trying to tell you. Getting hit by a car is a pretty severe way to get your attention, so there must be some way you are living your life that needs changing for this urgent 'wake-up' call to occur.

  • @thecaptain
    I can't deny that there is a message to this. I mean, the accidents happen at the same location and same type of car. I try to understand the message but maybe because I am so stressed out and dealing with some mild depression I can't go past thinking that maybe I shouldn't be driving that type of car (it's nothing special and it's a awesome hybrid ) or maybe I need to slow down. All I do is work and spend time with my daughter, nothing else.
    By the way, i urgently moved to a new place because I was being stocked and that man continue to be found in my backyard. I felt that was a opportunity for my to move to a new place with my daughter and leaving my husband at his mom's house (that's where I ran to after I was found my self in a dangerous situation). I got my own place and went out of my way to send my husband ( toxic relationship) the message that I was strong on my own two feet, then I felt bad for him and accepted him in my new home.
    I don't know what to think or expect. I don't care about much right now and I don't have the energy for it.

  • @sweetoty Examine the accident - how was it caused? Inattention, lack of direction, being lost, not being in the driving seat of your life, going too fast or too slow, being too focused on getting somewhere and not enjoying the ride, etc ... the clue is there for you to find. How were you feeling just before the accident?

  • @thecaptain
    The first accident was on my way to the gym, I was running late to the training session, I was feeling fatigue, I put my protein drink down for a second and as soon as I looked up the car infront of me stomped on their break to avoid hitting the car infront of them. Then it turns out I didn't have gap insurance for the remianing balance to be paid off, so I ended up paying 4,000 for a car that was totaled and not in my possession.

    Second accident, I was exhausted after a long day at work. I was on my way home and had my husband on the car Bluetooth, we were having a nice long conversation, I was just around the corner from home then I decided to stop at the convenience store to get a energy drink. I was on the same majer street , one block away from where the first accident happen, a car ran the stop sign and hit the back end of my car, and caused my car to swerve twice. Seemed like he was in a rush to take his 8 year old son to his soccer game. This time I do have gap insurance to completely pay off the loan on my car but this happen on a Sunday and Friday before that the car insurance was canceled for non payment (payment was on outopay and soon as it didn't clear the bank it was cancelled)

    My husband says it's karma bcuz I treat him bad for always kicking him out. I don't agree with him bcuz I kick him out for great reasons he never takes responsibility for (e g cheating on me, abusing me, helping his ex with more money when he can't help me with a dime for our home and our child, or paying for her meals when he's so comfortable me paying for everything when we go out)

    I feel afraid to get the same type of car now since it was the same make and model. Is there anything you can advise me on. Am I going to crash again? I was on the phone with my daughter (shes with her dad aka my husband ) and she asked me if I was already in another accident. (Made me think she heard her dad talking about me)

    I do believe in karma, that is the law of my universe, and every single day I do my very best to do good, help others, be friendly, give as much as I can give. He's my only bad karma, well him and his ex. I can't stand their dynamics, she's bitter and he only feels obligated to help her while I work as much overtime possible to support our home and daughter. Plus helping him with his expenses and investment property!!!

    Please Captain, what do you see for me.
    I'm in a new town with family hours away, one friend/co-worker, but better alone then with bad company! Haha....

  • @sweetoty It sounds like fatigue caused both accidents. Have you got too much on your plate at the moment, trying to achieve too much when you should be simplifying your life and your needs, cutting back?

  • @thecaptain
    Definitely too much on my plate with my home life and at work. However, they have finally made some adjustments at work and my department now has less work. My home responsibilities, my 4 year old daughter and my husband take a toll on me on a daily basis as well. So I'm creating more alone time to catch up on my sanity.

  • @sweetoty Good! I don't feel you know who you are without a family or partner.

  • Hello my friend,

    I made adjustments in my life, the adjustments that you had talked to me about. The greatest part of it is that im okay... im in peace and thriving. I havnt filed for divorce yet however we have separated and I desperately want it to be this way. You are right, i am healing, a healing healer.

    Can i ask for a reading for the rest of the year?

  • @sweetoty The 2018 reading I gave you applies to the whole year.

  • Hi captain,

    This year has been giving me so many surprises. Seems like when I'm recovering from some challenge, something New comes to set me back. From two car accidents, finally separating from a toxic marriage ( but that never comes easy ) and right when I feel strong, settled and in peace i find out that my niece was molested by my cousin 20 years ago and that on the plus side encouraged (after heavily drinking champagne) me and my sister to talk about the sexual abuse that my dad inflicted on us. I am now getting treatment for that abuse. My ex that broke my heart is coming around more frequently and is talking about wanting to spend time with me and my daughter (but I'm not ready for that) I want her to meet him only and if we become a serious committed couple ( but I'm not ready for that) I made it clear to him that she won't meet him soon. This man out of no where wants me to decorate his home "so me and my daughter can be comfortable visiting him" as he says. He has lived in that huge house for over 5years . He confuses me.....
    My focus is on helping my daughter adjust to her new reality and now to get treatment and overcome my traumas. But between me and you, I want my ex to be in my life. Maybe down the line him and I can be something more.

  • @sweetoty Yeah, no man wants you just to 'decorate his home' unless it is by you moving in with him or just plain sleeping with him.

  • @thecaptain
    Hi captain,
    I have been thinking about the reading you gave me for 2018 back in January. We're now in October and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything like I felt I would, if anything, there has been a lot more obstacles then success. The reading you gave me mentioned possible massive gains and success, and that is what I felt was coming but we're now in October and I'm still trying to clean up the mess from the last car accident that happened in March (when I was tboned)
    I have been feeling a strong sence of wanting to jump into creating my own YouTube channel or something related to beauty, providing some type of service. I'm obsessed with this idea.
    Anyhow. I have been working in my nursing job a lot, I have been interacting more with work related woman, but we're already in October, what have a done wrong. I'm standing on my own two feet and I got my own place away from my "husband" for the sake of my mental health. What can do I to succeed, wheres the massive gains ? 😌

  • @sweetoty, you don't get something for nothing. The yearly prediction can only be fulfilled if you follow through with the advice to give of yourself and use some inspired thinking in some artistic or creative endeavour. So get productive and take some chances. Gains and success will only occur after you put something 'out there'. So you must try your ideas out regarding beauty/youtube etc. "You may find yourself in the limelight and in a favourable position to launch a new and unique product, idea, invention, or service where you can use your originality." But don't scatter your energy with too many projects - focus on one thing at a time, on doing it as well as you can.

  • @thecaptain
    Thank you Captain,
    Right After I wrote the last comment two ideas came to me and they both hit the spot, both fit my unique interests of creativity.
    I will jump into it without further thinking lol
    Light bulb moment!

    I'm so excited ...

    Thank you Captain as always

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