May i get a general tarot reading please : )

  • i would like a reading on what I should be focusing on right now and life path thank you in advance anyone

  • bump*

  • bump*

  • ok,soon

  • soulconfusion,

    Here is a pick up on your feelings,

    Is there something you are doing? It will be shown

    There is tension and indecision

    Something else about money...but it goes as soon as it comes

    Not happy..with obstacles to hurdle

    A different money opportunity... this one has a positive feel to it

    You are going to feel that it wasn't fair... be even keeled and treat others as you would want to be treated

    Someone is looking out for you trying to give you good advice

    A guy that can be loving but the next minute... what the... flips the other direction

    Need to look at the big picture...not just how it affects you

    It will take courage but you can succeed

    Don't over due... too much can be hurtful

    Hope that helps


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