Health insight needed- please

  • 1st of all Happy New year everyone.

    Its so good to see that almost everyone is still on the site after all that annoying spam.

    What brings me here today is a serious health problem, last November I did a complete pulmonary embolism, almost died and stayed in hospital for a month, came home with my lungs completely clean. No one knows how this happened, where this came from coz the previous blood tests I did in 2014 for genetic markers came negative. I'm taking a blood thinner (Xarelto)and another med to protect my stomach and intestines from bleeding, if another medication is needed I always need to ask the cardiologist if I can take it. This thing really took over me, I'm 41, finally my life was getting on track, had a lot of plans for 2018, and now I'm loosing a lot of work trainings overseas coz I can't fly, lots of leg pains that scare me a lot coz it might be another clot, my left side muscles are chaotic, sometimes my teeth and face gets numb, coz of this I did 2 panic attacks and now I'm depending on others to drive me to work and I'm afraid of being alone.

    Can anyone tell me how long it will take to get my life back? I wish this anxiety would go away with this left numbness, it's driving me insane. The psychiatrist wants me to take anti- depressive, the cardio gave me the okay but I need to be very watchful for bleeds.this is so stressful.

    Thank you for hearing me, I do need to get my life back.

  • I had a heart attack a few years ago due to undiagnosed diabetes and I went through a panicky time. But you gradually get used to your condition and to taking care of yourself. I was at first very thrown by the changes to my body, but you will eventually calm down and just get on with it. It's not a bad thing tot ake better care of yourself.

    if you give me your birth date, I can tune into you a lot more to see what perhaps is causing your illness.

  • First I must state I am not a doctor and this is my intuitive advice. Please do not stop treatment but you do need to follow up on your own gut feelings and get this right. First....look up Xarelto. Not just a few studies but do a full investigation. It has side effects that are similar to your fact there are many law suits against this drug. One of the complaints is tingling and muscle discomfort and numbness. Blood clots are life or death situations so fear is expected. My husband survived one in his lung after surgery 17 years ago. Back then all they had was warafin (rat poison!)....yes it was the same thing used to kill rats...making them bleed out. He was on it 6 months and miserable withe side effects. He never had another blood clot but had a heart attack 4 years ago and has a stent. He is on bllod thinners and heart meds. It was awhile of trial and error to get his dose right for him. Eliques is his choice and had to be cut a few times to find that perfect dose. I strongly get that you need a second opinion or at least the confidence to ask your cardio for a different drug. I do not get that ant-depressants are needed and they are not effective much for panic attacks. I really feel the Zarelto is a problem for you. I'm saying a prayer you get help from your Angels and Guides. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks for your words The captain, I'm not a very patient person, lol. I'm use to people to depend on me not the other way around.

    My dob is 18 March 1976 born at 8.05am Azores Portugal. Thanks again

  • Thanks Blmoon, I did a full investigation and went for a 2nd opinion, the cardio agrees with the drug, but she mention that we can make adjustments or try another one if the probs persist. To be honest I do feel anxious all the time and my muscles always gave me probs.6 months it's the time I need to be on this drug, need to stay still for another month just in case and then they say I can go to the gym. I will do another test next month to check my lungs if they recovered well, I feel they did. I almost got the rat drug too, if the blood clot were in my legs for sure I would be on him right now. My current dosage is 20mg. I just don't want be on this for the rest of my life. Thanks again Blmoon and I hope everything turns well for you and your hubby too, sending love and prayers too.

  • Maria, I feel stress, anxiety and worrying is behind all your physical complaints. When did you last have a holiday? You have got to start letting other people fend for themselves more. You are killing yourself with all your responsibilities and must cut back on what you do for others to look after yourself more - that is often the reason behind severe illness, to get us to rest and take more time for ourselves.I know you need to be needed, but you have to stop carrying other people on your back or it will break.

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