A workplace reading please..

  • Asking for a workplace reading. Whatever you pick-up. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Daliolite, came across this post and thought I'd put my two cents worth in!

    Firstly, I'm seeing that the place you're currently working in is a bit confused, for want of a better word. Chaotic even? Like many workplaces these days, there is a lot of restructuring going on, down-sizing and reshuffling of positions. Is this some sort of architectural field? I'm getting that it's something to do with buildings, maybe even town planning or similar.

    You're afraid that your position will be adversely affected, and even though it may be to a small degree, it'll remain largely unchanged. You may have to take on more work, but I don't think it'll be too much for you. I see that you're a very hard working, analytical person on the job, and need to feel appreciated in order to produce your best work. Lately though, you don't feel that your efforts are being even noticed, let alone appreciated. Believe it or not, they are! But I'm getting that someone's hands are tied; someone who would usually be a supporter to you. They are caught between a rock and a hard place, but don't want to lose you.

    There is a female energy around you, and this energy is a wee bit dark and dank to say the least. This person is very negative and quite envious of your abilities and successes. She is a rival and will go to any lengths to be the winner. You aren't the only one she targets though. She is someone who has many "contingencies" in her plans, ie, someone who leaves no stone unturned in her quest to prove herself. Her plans keep her a** covered, so she thinks. But even in the midst of this rather chaotic period, her activities have been noticed and noted. She's actually afraid of you and that's why she comes across as more abrupt and critical of you; she likes to try and make you feel inferior. Next time she throws anything negative or doubtful your way, laugh in her face or react in some other glib way. Showing her you're upset will only fuel her fire. She needs to be ignored repeatedly, and eventually, she'll take her negativity somewhere else.

    Even though you long for security and regularity, I am picking up that you'd really like a change. I don't know about a change of career path, but rather to do this sort of work in another location. Can you do some of your work from home at all? A lot of companies in Australia are encouraging this, as it actually can save them money having employees work from home because a lot of consumables used can be claimed on tax. I don't know if you're considering this as an option, but it could be good for you to split your time between working at home and working out of the office.

    The main things I will leave you with here are: cost cutting, down sizing, restructuring and different hours.

    I hope this makes sense, although I'm a bit rusty these days, so if I've got this entirely wrong, please say so!

    Cheers 🙂

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