Never ignore energy

  • Advice quoted from Quora:

    "Never ignore energy. Energy never lies.

    I came across that quote a year and a half ago and my life has never been the same since.

    I used to find that after interacting with certain people or doing certain things I always ended up feeling soo enthusiastic and positive. Then after interacting with some other people or partaking in other activities, I’d end up feeling miserable and dejected. And for the death of me, I couldn’t figure out why.

    Then I came across this quote.

    It forced me to do an audit of my life and what was going on in it.

    I found out that all the situations that always left me with a positive vibe were the things/people that were really good for me in the long run and were involved in my spiritual, physical, emotional or professional growth (even though at that exact moment they might have been challenging me). I also figured out that most of the times I made really bad decisions which I ended up regretting were preceded by moments of bad energy that I ignored.

    So from then on, whenever I’m in a situation where I’m unsure of myself, I always take a step back and try to consciously recognise what sort of energy is floating around that situation."

  • AMEN!

  • Hi Captain, so true! I think, after realizing this the hard part is to remember stepping back instead of charging ahead. It is that presence of mind "to pause" to assess the situation that could make the whole difference. I wonder how much of this is the energy or our intuition (initial feeling that we reject) or a combination, that we need to trust.

    Thanks for your helpful posts and sharing your experience.

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