Getting through depression

  • I thought Carrie Allison's story and suggestions for overcoming depression were inspiring and might help anyone suffering in a similar way, even a temporary period of the blues -

    "I was depressed for a period of about 10 years, unproductive, unfulfilled, I was in 'the bell jar'. Later I realized part of this was chronic fatigue as I only felt rested after 10 –12 hrs a day of sleep Everyday. I decided not to do pharmaceuticals as I knew it was just a mask anyway and I didn’t want to feel side effects and be in a place where I could Never be able to get off meds. Here’s what helped FOR ME.. OBVIOUSLY mental health is UNIQUE and each individual should consider what’s right for them, and if they are happy with the level of Improvement of their chosen treatment. …

    When I woke up in the morning, I would force myself to think of happy things, ANYTHING I enjoyed. Cats, butterflies, coffee, flowers, music. I connected with the state of Joy and tried to stay there long enough to get out of bed. Getting out of bed was always the worst, much of the time because of my chronic fatigue, it felt like an Olympic feat.

    I started to eat a Whole food diet free of processed sugar, gluten & allergenic foods. I did Detox cleanses and took nutritional brain supplements, vitamins, 5-HTP, omegas etc

    I started practicing Reiki, learned about what it meant to be an empath, & learned about energy work

    I dedicated a period of time to ‘positive thought’ - stopping each negative thought in its tracks

    I began daily mantras of affirming self-love, forgiving myself for bad habits, and just letting myself exist without expectations

    I began purging toxic emotions through a variety of means, journaling, meditation, reiki, locking myself in a room to scream out everything that’d been locked inside for too long.

    I experienced unconditional self-love. I learned how to nurture myself and stop the constant state of shame, pain, guilt, self hatred, fear & contempt.

    Metaphorically, I walked out from the dark cloud into the light and yelled for the sun. The sun was there, welcoming me and asking me to stay. I would stay longer and longer Each day. Turning from worry, finding the positive, communicating with the Universe, a whole new world opened up to me, and at last, this was life! This was life beyond that dark desolate pit.

    Sometimes I’ll fall down again for a day, but I remember my tools from then. When you are depressed, you have to get up and MOVE. Do something, do anything. Do the laundry. Walk around the block. Shake up your routine. Shake up your brain. Try a new remedy, food, technique, supplement, etc. Staying put, that’s how you stay there forever. And let me tell you, you don’t want to spend an eternity in the state of depression.

    You can do it ! You CAN escape. It’s so worth it."

  • great testimonial! Putting knowledge to ACTION is always key. I think everyone could hang this one on the mirror for those in the slump times! It never gets old.

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