Taking requests for readings!

  • znl, Going to list your cards. #8 is a theme here. Might want to investigate the meaning of this number. Another theme is one foot on the ground, another in the air--temperance in future position, hanged man rev in friends and assoc, and 2 of coins in advice. Plant both feet on the ground and move forward--perhaps with something new. Sounds like to stay in your line of work, you'll have to do something else. You're divided. I don't like to predict the future. 4 of swords rev over page of wands in present position--I read this as planting both feet on the ground and take action.

    Past--world rev

    situation--wheel of fortune--themes in both of these cards are the fixed signs framing the pictures. I use the Rider-waite cards. I feel like things will move ahead when you make a decision.

    present--page of wands

    crowning--4 of swords rev


    challenges--sun rev


    blocks--9 of coins--money and source blocked

    friends/environment--hanged man rev

    advice--2 of coins

    outcome--ace of wands--what you want to know or what question is--moving forward w/career. Spring is a good time to make a change.

  • Marishkaa, Are you still here. Ready to start.

  • Yes, Daliolite, i am here, thank you.

  • Thank you for your reading, Daliolite!

  • alenabrz--welcome

  • Marishkaa, Wow, a real intense reading. I want to say you're not alone but probably doesn't feel that way right now. Your reading is talking about a loss. Could be a passing or the departure of someone in your life. Perhaps it's the realization that you need to depart. Whatever or whomever is departing there's nothing you can do to prevent it. Water, which can symbolize emotions, is prevalent in the present positions. This is a learning or growing experience or time for you. I feel like critical words come into play in your departure. The main question here is about victim status. I get the impression you feel like a victim--although you're not. Time to move away from the situation--hanged man rev in outcome and tower in future positions. Were there critical obstacles in the workplace. Amid all the confusion there's a call to traditional wisdom, hierarchy, etc.--hierophant in present position. I'll have to ask you for specifics about the situation because I don't know how to read this amid all the confusion/loss. I'm not sure if I should read as you having to listen to or a call to listen to a more traditional role, so to speak. With the king of swords in friends/assoc I'm feeling you sat back and listened to things unfold--7 of swords rev over hierphant. I will wait for you.

  • Daliolite, maybe it is about my job? I feel i can work here no more, i have started to have problems with my health and everyday i think that i should leave it, but i don't know how to find another job. And also 2 years ago my cat passed, maybe the reading also mentions it, that i have not fully recovered.

  • Daliolite, are there a lot of tears in the reading, cause i am afraid about this loss.

  • I work as a teacher

  • Daliolite and when i asked the question, i was asking about my health more - how to help myself. Maybe this hierophant could be some ways of treating my health?

  • Hi Daliolite. Thanks again for your reading and for your time. I will look up the cards online. The only problem with the possible new and highly improved job learning situation is that it is much more technical than my current skills and abilities and it is not coming to me naturally.On the other hand if miraculously I can "get this" then it would be no more issues.

  • znl, there was a mention of doing something you're interested in too.

  • Marshkaa, going to do a reding on your health.

  • Daliolite, thank you. But may i ask please what do you think about a loss and tower in future. What can it be? Kind of scary information.

  • Hi Daliolite, the bit about "something I am interested in". It's just a great thing if you can make a living from it. I am pretty much interested in staying in my current field but so many things point to changing the current experience. I think about what makes me really happy too.

  • By the way, per your suggestion I looked up number 8 and it is a very good number "infinite" abundance in many different areas. Is that what you wanted me to find out. In what direction did it seem related to me if I may ask?

  • znl, Will look at your cards and see what impressions I get from the 8

  • Marishkaa, I don't predict the future w/these readings. I do feel like your mourning a loss. Did you have a loss in childhood or were separated. Wanted to ask that. A lot of the same cards in this health reading. In part, your health issues are from being uncontent and unhappy. And I get that you don't feel like you're accomplishing anything--hermit in friends/assoc position reversed. Page of swords in advice. Speak your truth. You feel as though you don't have a voice. This reading makes me feel like change is imminent but requires more planning, ideas on your side. Is something holding you at your present job. It feels like you think you're mismatched or waiting for something imminent to happen. Don't wait if you feel this way.

  • znl, Think you have the ability to complete this. Have you been kinda stubborn getting there.

  • Daliolite, thank you so much. I lost my cat two years ago, and i think i still think about him, haven' t forgot this, and also my another cat. I also had a quarel with one man in the summer ( i think this exacerbated my health problem). Everything you have written is true, i feel uncontent. I think only the fact of earning holds me at my job and my indesision - i don't know what will better suit me, i think i may feel the same on every work, as my previous job experience was also unhapy.

    Daliolite, you said " in part .." , does it mean that the other part is actually some medical problem?

    I am now tryinv to understand what it is with me, but doctors say this is tension. But i think i may get this feeling because i worry that i feel myself not good and i still need to go to work.

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