Taking requests for readings!

  • Need a reading. Here to help. Don't need a lot of detail.

  • Thank you for your kind offer, Daliolite!

    I would like to have an idea of lies ahead (next 5 months).

  • Hi Daliolite, thanks for your time and for offering to read. I'd appreciate a reading regarding possible new job in my field for me. what are the hidden obstacles or possibilities. Any advice coming through is most welcome.

    I hope you are doing well and new doors open in any new adventures for you. Xx

  • Hello Daliolite, thank you very much for the opportunity to ask.

    Something is happening with me now. Could you give me adivce please on how to cope with my problems.

  • Alenabrz, Sorry for the wait. Are you still w/me.

  • Hi Daliolite, yes I'm here! I would like to have an idea of what lies ahead (next 5 months), anything you pick. Thank you!

  • Alenabrz, I feel like you made a break-thru in career goals or decision that makes you feel like your more in the driver's seat. I want to question you if you recently got some good news or you heard of an opportunity for you that would require a move. A move is imminent to this situation--but will it make you happy. You want to protect what you have. Can you answer this question for me--Have you got the news or opportunity or are you still waiting. I will then finish.

  • Hi Daliolite! No, I haven't received any news about an opportunity of this kind. I had the possibility of taking a test to get a temporary position as a teacher that would require me to travel weekly, but I dismissed the idea because it didn't feel right for me. Could it be what you have picked? I considered taking the test, but gave up the idea and believe that it was for the best.

  • Alenabrz, yes, it was for the best. Moving won't be the solution either, I feel, or travel. I feel like you're not on the correct path career wise or what you're better at. There's mild drama at work but don't let this affect you. There's someone/something in friends/assoc that's right. It presents as a plan of action. You don't have a lot of swords in your reading which is plan.discussion, Is there someone moving-on in your llife or is it just this overwhelming feeling of being disappointed/unhappy. Your advice is to watch the money. I feel like there is old-money or assets you're protecting or need to be protected right now. Don't get over extended. As things move on, I feel like there's going to be a straight forward plan presented to you. You want to know if things are going to be straight forward--black and white. Focus on the plan. Your reading is talking about the disappointment in present. Can you explain the money aspect. Feels like you're really watching the money/money could be an issue, etc.

  • About the money issue, well, I want a stable source of income that allows me to have enough when I get older. Financial stability is a priority, I want to work from my home office as a freelancer but I don't know if it will pan out.

  • Will respond later today or tomorrow am

  • Take your time and thank you , Daliolite!

  • alenabrz, So, I did a reading specifically on career/job home based. In this reading, there's dysfunction in past position. I'm seeing my symbol for jail/trouble w/the law, etc. That situation has been over turned, so to speak. I drew justice rev in situation. I feel like your in a situation and need to get out. The main question you're wondering about is are you able to get it out there, will it reach the people you need it to, will you be successful--world in outcome position. Just the fact that you want to do something different is a break thru for you. I drew the queen of swords in future position. I draw this a lot for people continuing their education. I think it's a blessing moving forward, however, I don't think you know everything regarding this move. Shows you need to further your education. I believe there's people that can help you move forward and will prob take experts---if you can relate to this. There's a lot of drama in your environment and things are not as bad as you may think, if you don't let them be--relate? Three of coins rev in advice position. Maybe you haven't consulted w/the right people. This idea is still in it's infancy. I would be careful who you consult with. I don't know what your education level is or if you've been thinking of doing something different in that area. Can you explain.

  • Hi Daliolite, the jail/problem with the law puzzles me... I don't believe that there is drama in my environment, maybe "inside" me? Yes, my home based job idea is still budding and I'm trying to add some more skills to my set, studying, taking internet courses, hope it pays off in the future.

  • Hi Daliolite, I'd appreciate a reading if you're still taking requests 🙂

  • Znl, are you still here. I can do a reading now if you are...

  • Hi Daliolite, yes I am. Thanks.

  • znl, ok

  • znl, I feel like you are the strong one in all of this. I also feel that there's been a lack of news or opportunity. It feels like you've been helping others and it's just time for you to do something on you're own. Are you thnking about making a big leap. For real change, it seems like you're either contemplating this or that's what you'll have to do. You're not really blocked but it may require a leap of faith, if you can relate--world rev in past position, wheel of fortune in situation, page of wands in present. I feel you've followed the status quo or what's safe. Things can continue this way but you may need a little nudge in the right direction--strength in foundation and 2 of coins in advice. Both these cards feature the 8 symbol which is my symbol for continuance. Whatever it is, you're thinking about it but it's time to put in action--4 of swords rev crowning present position (page of wands.) It also feels like you take care of other people. I want to say that things are better and the needy aren't as needy--hanged man rev in friends and assoc. Sun is rev in challenges. There's been a lot of contemplation. You're afraind of getting your feet wet, so to speak. When this changes, things will improve--hope you can relate.

  • Hi Daliolite, thanks again for doing this for me. I have been trying to find a new job in my field which has been mostly offshored or merged with another job. Needless to say I have not been successful in finding a new position. What I think is that I have been thinking about upgrading my skills towards the jobs that my current skills and job has been merged with. I have not been fully sure or totally convinced that taking online courses would help me. I think this maybe what the reading is pointing to. I should upgrade and learn a new skill and hence open up more opportunities. Do you think this is what seems to be the advice?

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