Cancer girl Cap man

  • Hi..I am new and have studied atrology (on my own need of self-help) but am strongly attracted to a Cap man that I have know for years but now am available and he isn't but there is a chemistry that's so strong that we try and avois each other but I want to get closer to him but so not want to end up married for 10 years to the wrong person (an Aries) like I just ended?! Help

  • Hi, watergirlie. I hope you haven't given up since no one's responded...but here goes. First, it is important that you respect that he is in a relationship. Cancers and Capricorns are both very loyal signs, so you probably understand that. Second, to become better friends with him, try winning him over with you Cancer sense of humor--as a serious Cap, he enjoys someone who can make him smile. Manners and appearances are important to him also. Your feminine, affectionate nature as a Cancer blends well with his masculine Capricorn nature. It's no wonder you split from the Aries--their bold, blunt natures don't always blend well with Cancers' sensitivity. Just letting you know, a Capricorn can be critical and seemingly unfeeling at times, which can also be hard for a Cancer. You may want to try a Pisces, whose sensitive, romantic nature is perfect with yours.

  • Thank you kindly, your wisdom is greatly appreciated. We ineed have been friends for quite some time. However, timing was never right. I have disciplined patience as well and am living my life as fully as I can. I also respect the fact that there is another relationship involved no matter how unhealthy. I respect boundaries. Peace to you.

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