Dream interpretation anyone?

  • if anyone is willing to take a crack at it,I would really appreciate it here it goes ...

    i dreamt that i was in outside my childhood home and there were four coyotes and i believe a pet dog

    (some of this is a little fuzzy)i remember killing 3of the coyotes with some type of spear so as to save the pet animal before they could harm it and i didnt have any fear whatsoever they never tried or got a chance to attack or bit me and just before i could kill the last one that took off i woke up but i felt like it didnt have a chance it was already dead

  • You are killing off the 'wildness' or strangeness in yourself in exchange for a more 'normal' or society-friendly accepted image. You felt no fear so it must be what you want to happen.

  • oh my! thank you very much captain, I wonder if that's a good thing ? that is deep, it makes a lot of sense

  • Your childhood home represents an early influence that effected who you are and a conflict that you still struggle with. The dog and coyotes are related as canines but a dog is domesticated and as a pet it is not wild. The coyotes represent the wild.. Even though they were not really a threat you had a fear they would harm the pet so you destroyed them . How you feel in a dream is important. You not having fear means that in real life your fears of indulging your wild side are unfounded. You can let go of being afraid you somehow will lose control if you indulge your unique self. In waking life you may have recently censored yourself or questioned your behavior in front of others....or may have wondered what others thought of you. Your dream was saying...don't worry.....your tame side is safe and being yourself is safe. Release self doubt and self criticism.

  • thank you Blmoon and thank you again TheCaptain both interpretation is cohesive and pertinent to me and was an eye opening , just want to thank you both for being so dedicated to this site and to people and that your work, help, assistant and contribution has impacted us all in one way or another you dedication is not only appreciated but noticed on all levels. May God keep you all grounded,safe and in divine light.

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