Captain, do you have any job insight?

  • Hey Captain!

    Hope you're doing well. I am happily flying, and I should start jet training in January. I have a dilemma about my career path. My company that offered me the job has a reputation for brutal training and many do not make it through. I do have a few other carriers that are interested in me, but I am not sure which to pick. Do you see anything about me being successful in training and making it to the big airlines? Thanks!

  • I feel you will make it into an airline company but maybe not a big one. Reassess your chosen path from time to time to make sure it is still your biggest passion and not just an entrenched goal. There

    s nothing wrong with changing your mind. It's your life.

  • Thank you! I have numerous interviews and one offer; the offer is from a great company with a reputation for hard training. I will be happy even if I stay at a small airline, but it's just hard to pick the right one. Thanks again!

  • Go with your gut feelings!

  • In my gut I want to work for one of the big three carriers. do you see it being my decision to go to one or not getting the opportunity. in the end, as long as i have an airline job for 20 years i will be happy, thanks!

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