Interesting Aura sparkles

  • I recently encountered an individual who, after some time talking to them, developed a sparkly aura, much like what you would see if you were seeing stars bc you stood up too fast. This happened 3 separate times. The sparkles are silver/white. I typically don't notice auras but i'm very curious what your take on this is 🙂

  • It feels to me like the sparkle of the interaction between you two.

  • 🙂 Thank you

  • There is an energy exchange going on. The person is either giving or taking. To discern which it is Spirit wants you to learn how to recognize energy leaks or energy gains. Pay attention to how you feel for at least two days after contact with this person. If at first you feel a slight buzz and feel wide awake with energy that first night BUT the days after you feel drained, than that person is an energy taker. If after your contact you just feel a sense of optimism and feel energized in a tranquil and inspired way then that person is giving . What opens the energy door? Attraction is key....if you iat first glance found this person very like able that's the moment you can unawares open your energy door. Same with the other person....if they as well felt you where interesting their energy door would open....if it was mutual than it would be a bigger manifestation of sparks. The lesson is keeping an awareness of energy exchanges on the long term basis. I get that you are very passionate and love big. You may have in the past given to much too often without filling back up and experience annoying health issues and low periods of depression. Hope this gives you something to think about. BLESSINGS!

  • It totally does. Its a very interesting situation, I'm this person's primary therapist, she has very powerful energy, not intrusive but more engulfing- you can literally feel it. It only happens when she speaks of her childhood... the room just kind of stops, and it's almost like I get tunnel vision and then see starts. It's also interesting that this person has not trusted anyone, including herself but since being in therapy this is shifting. I don't know if this is a cleansing of sorts for her. I have been very diligent about grounding that energy so I don't carry it with me.

  • Reading your last post I got a strong reading of this person. I know exactly who they are meant to be and the trauma they suffered. It is very hard for the ones with the most energy to step into that power. It's scary to them and others. Without self esteem and a strong sense of self....knowing who you are often takes a long struggle. Without self confidence a gifted person interprets others reactions as negative on their part when really they are just TOO MUCH for others. They think what did they do? When you exude energy of a gifted kind it will make some strangers go speechless...they may stutter and go blank. Look startled. Also, this person will often attract needy people. This person needs Goddess minded elders to lead her and uplift her. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon I'm having such a hard time navigating this new format! My clt is amazing and growing in so many ways. I am astounded that with support and help that they can grow. I pray for the best for this individual person. Since seeing the sparkles, now auras are coming with many individuals, and I'm becoming MUCH more in tune with others emotions. there is a lot of insight developing.... it's amazing.

  • @gladyouwroteme
    sounds like you have found your purpose! Be sure to give your gift recharge breaks. Energy exchanges are both wonderful and a challenge to maintain. Sometimes when I have given too much, instead of immediate exhaustion I will feel the opposite....very charged up. Like a little kid past their bedtime who suddenly gets that burst of overdrive! Overtired doesn't always look tired. BLESSINGS!

  • I love this. thank you!

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