Psychic Help regarding my son

  • My son has been in a life style that's detrimental for quite a while. He wanted to come home last yr. At the time, didn't think it was a good idea. I've had some health issues and didn't like the idea of him in my house while I was away. I don't know if my ideas are totally grounded. I want him to go to treatment and get some other help. His condition will deteriorate eventually (it already has.) I'll see him over the holidays. My question--will he accept things or continue down the same path and do I need to intervene. I haven't been able since he hasn't lived w/me. He also needs private ins to really get the treatment he needs. I briefly consulted a psychic before my son asked to move-in and the psychic said not to worry about things. I trust this psychic. Any thoughts.

  • My dob Feb 3, 1960

    sons--June 05, 1983

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