Health question, need help please.

  • Dear psychics, would appreciate your insights.

    It all started in September but from November i have been having ache at the base of the head and some strange feelings at the back of the head. When i talk too much while on my job (like today) i start get this strange feeling in my head , maybe a little bit lighthartedness because i start to worry. I also started to havee constant noise in ear for already three days. It drives me crazyy, and i worry because i think this symptoms become more pronounced when i am on my work. Doctors say it ts tension head ache, i visitit even an osteopath, she thinks i have a problem with my muscle. They also say i need psychoterapist. But today for example i was not nervouse when all this started, i was just tolking too much, explaining.

    I woulf like to ask, maybe i should dig dipper? But i do not know what to focus on(

  • I think you need to start some relaxation techniques - you may not think you are stressed when you actually are but you have had it for so long, you don't even notice the onset of it. You can be holding your body so tightly and tensely that it begins to impact on your health. Meditation, deep breathing, tai chi, laughter and exercise can all help you relax and let go of your anxiety.

    Try this for neck and body relaxation -

    Decompress: Place a warm heat wrap around your neck and shoulders for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and relax your face, neck, upper chest, and back muscles. Remove the wrap, and use a tennis ball or foam roller to massage away tension. Place the ball between your back and the wall. Lean into the ball, and hold gentle pressure for up to 15 seconds. Then move the ball to another spot, and apply pressure.

  • Thank you very much, TheCaptain. I sometimes do exersises, but my pain intensifies, probably i should start doing them on regular basis and i laugh not so often, but today i laughed and again felt more pain at the back of my head (near the neck). I had a stressful even on my job in December. but i also visited dentist at that time, and then i got this constant ache, and i feel that it can be related with stress, just thought that maybe i or doctors overlook something.

  • Hello TheCaptain!
    I became so depressive, constant negative thoughts, want to cry often, constant chest pain ( it maybe due to my uncurable lung problem or i also think it can be due to bad posture, spine, but i visit osteopath , yet nothing helps), i sometimes think i will not be better( i can't work when i feel like this. I don't know how to get out of this. It is like futility, i can see no change.

  • Did you get any fillings when you visited the dentist? I am definitely seeing the problem coming from your head.

  • TheCaptain, thank you for your quick answer. Yes, she did something with my tooth, but the problem is that this tooth is a problem, there is inflammation, but it was difficult to unseal the dental canals, so the doctor just filled a tooth (i asked her not to remove this tooth completely, as i have no tooth near this one). But i have some other problems with teeth, one of my wisdom teeth is impacted. I plan to visit the dentist again.
    TheCaptain, do you think that my chest problems (they now prevail) can be connected with this? I mean the pain i feel or this is because i worry and my muscles become tense? I don't know how to get rid of this pain. Sometimes i think the pain from the place where my heart is radiating into teeth.
    And cant it be "coming from my head" that it is my thoughts and so on?
    And i also had my one wisdom teeth removed after i wrote the first topic post.

  • @marishkaa I am feeling more there is a physical problem around your head rather than just the stressful thinking, though that won't help. I feel headaches especially being directly linked to your teeth. Our teeth represent the past and also our decisions. If you are putting off making a decision, your teeth can become affected in a negative way. I feel the chest pain and other symptoms are your body reacting to the needed life changes you haven't yet made. You have to decide what in your life is causing you pain and change it, so your body will recover.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain.
    I was thinking about my job, my attitude to it, and i came to conclusion that i know will be glad to stay there, but to feel myself ok, without all these symptoms ( I try now to find myself a hobby, though laziness sometimes an impediment. I think when now i think about my job (my holidays have just started) i am afraid of a new academic year, but because i have all this symptoms that make me feel fear, that i want be able to work normally.
    Sometimes i think i am fighting with myself.
    I also tested my thyroid hormones, i have subclinical hypothyroidism, but my tsh was in normal range in September, and not it is higher then normal (but even 5 years ago it was like this), i am afraid of taking synthetic hormones that doctor will surely prescribe ( but now think that maybe my thyroid is causing depressive thinking and easy crying. Maybe this is what you feel? (thought it is in neck). And sometimes i also think that something is wrong due to eyes (but they are in a usual state) or my glasses.

  • TheCaptain, and i also have been putting off the visit to a dentist (

  • @marishkaa I went into meditation and asked my guides to seek answers from your guides. This is what they came back with - "all your physical problems are a cry for attention from you, a deep need to be cared for and for someone to really look at you. For many years, you have looked to other people to help you out, because you have no confidence in your own ability to take care of yourself or make the right decisions. So you exhibit physical symptoms that go from bad to worse in order to get the attention and care you so deeply crave. You want to feel that you matter to someone. But if you don't first care for and love and trust yourself, you are sending out the message to others that you are not someone who should be loved or cared for properly. You have to take care of yourself as if you were the soulmate you are seeking - and indeed you are! You must be the best friend you have ever had. .You have to get over your dependence on other people and become self-reliant and full of self-belief. Focusing on your work like you do is a great excuse for not taking care of yourself. You must remove any wrong feelings you have about yourself - what made you think for example that you are not able to make your own decisions and choices, that you cannot make for yourself a good and happy life? You need to do things for yourself that you would do for a lover. You have to give yourself and your own self-care some time and attention so that you do not need to seek it outside of yourself. It's time you actually became an adult and learned to trust and rely on your own inner wisdom and strength. You have never really tried hard to do this or you would have succeeded by now. It means facing and healing the past and confronting the issues that are stopping you from being happy. You will do this for yourself because that is the act of someone who truly loves, respects and honours themself. "

  • Good day, TheCaptain!
    But how can i take care of myself? You are right, i need attention, but sadly the attention from doctors is not what i wanted (especially that i think some doctors doesn't care, and i myself don't believe that they can help). I have thoughts about searching for a new job now more often, but i feel often now so light-headed when i walk or stand, i afraid of falling down and that people will look at me, so i even afraid to go out. But i have in my mind an idea of being personal assistant.

  • @marishkaa Well, what would you do for someone you loved very much? That is how you should treat yourself.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain! I uderstand the point. Will try to be more kind to myself. But at the same time i have always considered me to be egoistic (and this is also what i worry about, and regret when i behave so).

  • @marishkaa, egotism is when you think of yourself exclusively and no one else. Love is simply being kind to yourself and nurturing your inner child. I think you have long brooded over what you see as your flaws and weaknesses, but you have never dwelt for very long on your strengths and the things you CAN do. Make a lost of all your abilities and good qualities and look at them every day that you feel bad. Count your blessings instead of thinking of what you don't have.

    I sent you some healing yesterday to remove all the grey clusters of fatigue I could see around your body. I also removed a 'grey ghost' that was partly attached to your left side. This 'ghost' was you in the past and the things that you find hard to let go of. But you must think of yourself now as a new person, free of the things that used to hold you back.

  • Thank you TheCaptain for the healing very much!
    Yes, i now slowly realize that i have drilled into my head that i am not interesting and have a lot of flaws. I even think i humiliate myself. Thank you, i will now try to concentrate on what is good in me. I remember also your reading about exaggerating.

    TheCaptain, but may i also ask about my another symptom. I can't say that i loved hot weather, i didn't feel comfortable, but generally i was ok. And now i feel my head becomes so heavy that i afraid to pass out. And i can't sometimes understand if it is my own fears (and stress)? that make me feel so, or the problem with my tooth or something else.. I also read about such symptom in hypothyroid patients, but this symptom doesn't improve even with medicine they take.

    And for many years i have been hiding my skin in Summer due to skin problems, i always picked my skin and though that it looks not so good, so i wore long sleeve shirts, trousers. And now when i want to wear as few clothes as possible (like t-shirts and shorts) , doctors prohibit sun exposure because of my lung problem. Is it like a punishment, that i should have valued my body more?

  • Nobody punishes you but yourself, Marishkaa. You are not a victim because of anybody else but of how you think. You feel helpless because you think you cannot change your situation. but have you really tired? Have you sat down and written out all the ways you can think of - even some that may be very silly or fantastic - to create your life the way you want it? You also need to be honest about any feelings you have that are holding you back. For example, if you want to leave home, are you really sure that part of you is still clinging to the safety of the family like a child? All your physical symptoms are occurring because you are afraid of change, so you make yourself physically incapable. The only way to gain courage is by doing what scares you. You have to stop thinking you are helpless. That feeling will pass as you accomplish one new goal every day, even if it is only a small one, like getting out in the fresh air and exercising more. Our fears dissolve when we push through them. What is it you most fear? Being alone and having to cope alone? Or what? When you work that out, you will work out why your body is getting ill. Scratching your skin is a symptom of someone crying out for help and attention, even though you consciously hide it. you have always allowed your fears to rule you - it's time you got in charge of your own self and life. put yourself in the driver's seat instead of always being a passenger. Whatever you fear, you must try to do.

  • No, TheCaptain, i haven't tried yet ,i must admit. Thank you very much for your guidance!

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