Help interpreting a reading please?

  • Hi all,

    I am just a bit curious about a guy I have been ‘seeing’ we are not in a relationship. He is not a very good communicator and doesn’t like texting. I find he can be hot n cold and it seems he is not very self-confident. I am just about confused as to whether he likes me or just sees me as a mate. He’s had a bit going on at the moment so it’s hard to tell whether that plays a part as well. I used Rider Waite

    So I did a 3 card spread with a clarifier for each of them. Now I am not that good with clarifiers and how they work so any input would be great.

    How he feels about me – Lovers clarified by 3 of pentacles. Lovers could indicate that he feels close to me sometimes and then distant and aloof at other times. He is confused about his feelings for me? With the 3 of pentacles as a clarifier could it mean that these feelings are a burden to him? He doesn’t want to feel this way? That he is thinking about taking it to the next level? I know pentacles are more grounded so maybe he has two types of feelings for me.

    How he sees me – 6 of swords clarified by Page of Swords: Hmmm maybe he sees me as turning my back on him. I am more into communication then him and tend to initiate it (texting) which he isn’t in to so perhaps the page of swords could relate to my communication he may see it as being blunt? I know swords can be about intellect and words but I can’t see how this would relate to how he sees me. I am forceful have strong ideas? Maybe he is not sure of what he wants and isn’t quite sure I can be trusted?

    His next action in regards to me – Knight of Cups clarified by Queen of Cups: Hmmm the knight of cups is offering something maybe he will improve on his communication and open up more? I am not sure what the Queen means as clarification he will offer something more emotional? Or do you think it could mean he moves on completely with someone else? Although I did ask about his next action in regards to me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 

  • Dani, Are there some things you feel you don't know about him besides the future of your relationship. 6 of swords is interesting to me. Would he feel as though you may take-off. He sees you as a truth seeker--Page of Swords. I'm getting that he's emotional perhaps a water sign. Was he in a relationship when you met him or getting out of one. I'll wait for you to answer...

  • Yeah, I don't know him that well. I don't think he thinks I will take off. He is a Libra. He wasn’t in a relationship when I met him but I think he is still getting over his long term one.

  • Dani, When I get a chance will pull some cards to get an impression.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • DaniM83, Well, you all have two different personalities. Your shown as the queen of wands and he's shown as the king of swords. I feel in this reading he has control mainly by words, or lack thereof. In the present part of your reading most of the cards are reversed. Get a feeling that you're not being yourself. Money on hold or lack thereof. Get a feeling this is w/him. I'm feeling this will change in things to come. Someone possibly relocating. Financial help or prospects in friends and environment. This could be a male family member, as well. Career/job being brought forth. Trying something different in this area. I'm also getting that someone feels like throwing in the towel. Status quo, as it is now, will not work. You'll be a lot happier when you realize it's ok to be yourself and search for what makes you happy--queen of wands foundation, 3 of wands future position, 7 of cups reversed, 8 of wands outcome. A challenge for you is wanting things to happen and appear--magician reversed in challenges. I feel as though someone has questions regarding career.


    King of swords--crowning

    present--10 of swords reversed--see this more as a personality difference than words

    foundation--queen of wands

    situation--2 if swords reversed

    past--2 of coins

    challenges--magician reversed

    future--3 of wands

    blocks--7 of cups reversed

    friends--king of pentacles

    advice--4 of coins reversed

    outcome--8 of wands--this card is telling me that "either way" you go it'll be the same w/this person. Either way you turn this card the wands land on the ground (and they'll grow.)

  • Thank you so much for your reading. I think you are pretty spot on. Interesting he comes up as the King of Swords, he is a Libra. I am an Aquarian. Always thought I I was more wands type. And you are right he is lacking communication and has shut off. He owns his own business so maybe there is a money problem there. I probably am not being my normal, easy going vibrant self. My contract is due to end in February so maybe it will end sooner or get extended? Maybe it means I am wanting something to happen with him faster then he is comfortable. I don’t know about 10 of swords being a personality difference do you mean between us? As we in person get on really well.

    Interesting with the 8 of wands do you mean nothing will change? No matter which way I go?

  • Dani, Just see the differences in personality.

  • Hello! I was wondering if maybe come one could help me...


    I've recently severed ties with someone whom I've had no contact with. We did not split amicably. I did a reading asking how he felt about the situation and pulled three cards.

    The Princess of Cups

    The King of Pentacles (Reversed)

    And The Devil

    Can someone help me interpret this? Thanks!

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