Psychic reading request ....Seems I am blocked!

  • Hi,

    I have been looking for a job for a long time but nothing seems to work out. I have human resources background but I want to get into a different field. I find human resources very monotonous and boring, so I want to get into something challenging but I feel blocked. Could you please suggest what I am supposed to do at this time to at least secure a job (even if it is temporary) at this time?

    Do you see me having any job before 2015 ends? If yes, how will I get it? I mean I am trying volunteering, I have been applying for jobs online constantly and I am also looking for entry level positions despite of having a good background in HR in case someone is hiring for assiance in a different field of work that doesn't need much experience but seems interesting.I am so tired of waiting, my energies deplete by every passing day....I hope I could get some useful insight on this matter!! I don't know what to do !!!!

    I am thankful for being read and responded!

  • Aceofcups, the Universe always answers our requests - but we have to be clear about what we want first, so spirit can bring it to us. You give off conflicting vibes - part of you wants to work for the satisfaction of helping others and to gain independence. But part of you wants to stay at home and not go out to work. You have to resolve the dilemma inside you to get what you want. You have to find a career that sparks your passion. I feel you want to help people, but also that you have artistic/creative needs. Creating beautiful objects can raise other people's spirits in an amazing way, you know.

    You have to find your passion and HR doesn't seem to be it. You cannot just ask the Universe for an 'interesting' job. You have to be specific because if you don't know exactly what you want, how can anyone else give it to you? You must resolve these issues inside you that are tearing you in two and make a definite decision and pick a choice to work towards. Don't waste your energy running in circles. Resolve this issue first - do you fully and wholeheartedly want to go to work? Then decide what to do from then.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    I don't want to sit at home. I have other responsibilities that keep me bound to home to some extent but I don't want to not have a career because of it. I know what i want to do.I want to work in law in some way but I have no clue how to get in there.

    Also I don't know what I should be doing in law. Like I don't want to sit behind a desk and work on a computer all day long. That's not me. I want to get in touch with people, have conversation one on one and solve problems. I want to do something that has definite targets to achieve.But I am not able to bring it down to just one job that I can be good at and where I can use my skills in a better way. I have tried different options,turns out I have no degree, I have no previous work background, I have no friends or even acquaintances in this field. I also have tried to get into the filed by applying for jobs that could use my current experience but nothing worked. Only option for me to go to school, but I cannot do it at this time because of responsibilities I have at home. So I am wondering what to do with my career at this time. I have no job and I don't enjoy what I do when I have a job either. So am exploring my options.

  • Then you have to settle on a definite alternative option before you can get it. Otherwise how can you be given what you don't know it is that you want?

    How about something artistic/craft-related?

  • Yeah! I am artsy! I love to create things! I can be a good interior decorator, I sew, I knit, I crochet, I cook, I am a tarot reader and give free readings online. Well there is nothing "artsy" that I feel I cannot do if I put my mind into it because I love to keep learning new things. But how to choose what I am best at? I do like these equally. But which could be the one that is good for bringing in money so I can pay my bills? That's why I am more focussed on full fledged career in other field so I can survive better.

  • But you could start selling your art and craft straight away, either at market or online at eBay etc. If you made enough money, you could even use it to study for another career.

  • Something like knitted or crocheted baby wear will always sell well.

  • AceofCups, As I read over your posts politics came to mind for some reason. I don't know if your affiliated w/a certain party. May want to check into caucuses/parties, etc. Could probably meet some interesting people. Law is related to politics. The legal field is hard to get into and not always a helping field.

  • dear captain! i have spent so much time on my hobbies in the past few years because i was a home body for many years and didn't really bothered about my career that now i really want to focus on something other than my "hobbies". i want to go out, meet and talk to people, be of assistance, help in projects, work in a team, learn about new cultures at the same time...!! it feels like i am starving of interaction with people and there is a very strong inner urge to go out and mingle with people. that is why i am more focussed on getting out and having a career so i can fulfil this inner urge and this would be just the first step in that direction. even if i want to i don't feel the inner motivation to sit and work on something on my own. i feel i need to take a small break from it all and explore the outer world for a bit to rejuvenate myself.

    @ daliolite

    dear daliolite, i am so surprised that you picked up politics. i do am connected to one of the two major political parties at the moment and volunteering at a party office for the upcoming primary elections in march next year and plan to continue for final elections as well. it was just a random pick for me since i was at home searching for jobs and thought of spending some time volunteering until i find a job. i have started to get involved with people who work there. but it's a small office and not much to do at the moment.

    i am not sure what to expect from volunteering there. do you mean i have a chance to get paid work in politics at some point in future? how? i mean i never took interest in politics in my life, yes i do want to work for social causes and that would be the best career to be in "for me" is what i think!!!

    do you see me having a career in politics?

  • AceofCups, You may meet someone who can advance you into something that interests you. Sounds like your already started. Sounds interesting!

  • Aceofcups, you need to get practical. You need a way to support yourself and finance all your grand schemes. Selling your craft is a way. And if you sell at a market stall, you would be mixing with people all day and you could network and chat with them for ideas, jobs, ways to help etc. You don't have to be chained to your home. The reason why you haven't achieved your dreams is because you want everything at once without any solid material foundation. You need to be grounded and to work towards your goals step-by-step. Make some money first, then you can go wherever you want and help whoever you want. Ideals are great but you need realistic plans to achieve them.

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