Captain, could you help please?

  • I have had a lot of ups and downs in the last few months. Emotionally, I feel drained and now I am dealing with my third kind of pest in as many months... What is going on? How can I better protect myself and my husband and children from all the chaos lately... Please advise.

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  • What do you mean by 'pest'? Can you explain your situation in more detail?

  • Well, first we had an annoying mooch family member living in our back yard and taking advantage, then we had a rat (which we got rid of) and now we seem to have what appears to be a cockroach problem... Why do we have this problem? My husband's family has been stressing me out (mainly his step mom) and now we have actual bugs of some sort... 😞 I am really stressing out... I am wanting to have a better rest of the year and future years!!! Has someone been putting negative energy towards me that this is why we are having more problems? We are paying so much for rent, bills and storage that everything seems very chaotic right now... I am just confused... Whybis all of this bad happening right when I thought things would calm down?

  • What is going on in our lives outwardly is actually very helpful and a very big clue of what is going on inside of us.

    So you are attracting 'unwanted visitors' - part of you is not being strong enough to stand up to them or chase them away. You have fallen into a state of apathy or anxiety where you expect others to do what you need to do, ie. express your true feelings and stand up to these pests. Things only get the best of you when you allow it. Hobbles, I have always sensed you prefer to step back when you should be stepping forward. You also allow life to seem more overwhelming than it is. Have pests? Get an exterminator or set sprays/traps/baits yourself. Human pests - don't allow them into your home if you don't want them! All this is happening to make you fight back instead of collapsing or giving up. This is your life training to become a warrior instead of a victim. You always see yourself as a poor downtrodden victim, someone who continually has trouble fall upon her. A victim thinks "Why is this happening to me? I am smaller and lesser than my problems. I am overwhelmed and miserable. There is nothing I can do". A warrior thinks "I can overcome this - I am smart and competent. It is a trivial problem, this is nothing. So many worse things could happen to me. I am blessed to only have these small easy problems to fix."

    These are not bad happenings, just useful tools to help you grow stronger and more confident about handling life. Change your perspective, change your life. You can become an optimist who expects good things to happen, not a pessimist who always expects the worst. Life really doesn't get any easier by trying to avoid it. You are being unrealistic if you think your life can be trouble-free. It is not meant to be - for anyone. But you can become someone who overcomes problems - the good thing is that the more you fight, the stronger you become and the easier it gets.

  • I understand, I think. I need to be more assertive. I do have a hard time with that. Even when I know I am correct. It's hard for me to know when to push, and when not to...I don't like people thinking bad of me... Thank you for your insights...I will continue to think of ways to work on that...if you have specific suggestions, lol, they would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    Thank you again,


  • People will not think badly of you for standing up for yourself. The ones that do are not worth the worry anyway. There is a big difference between aggressiveness and self- assertion. The first is often done with anger or violence, the second option can be calm but firm.

  • I think that is my problem, I wait until I'm so beaten down before I fight back and then I ROAR and fight back too much. I will definitely work on it. Things do seem brighter today. And talking to my husband about standing up seems to have doing it as well. 🙂 Good for both of us! 🙂 And the kids! 🙂

  • *have him doing it as well.

  • I have only lately come to notice how important it is to psychically protect yourself. This goes for even those people who may think they don't have any psychic or empathic ability. We are all sensitive beings. I often used to forget to put protection in place when I go out. However, just how much the outer world can affect us, especially on a physical level, was brought home to me after I had an eye test a few days ago. The optometrist's office was in a crowded mall and I always feel uncomfortable, nervous and over-heated in crowded places. Before I put up my psychic shields, my eye pressure was measured at quite high and, while I was waiting to be given other tests, I put up my light shield because I was feeling quite hot. I started to feel much better. Then I had the eyedrops that dilate your pupils for other tests and my pressure was measured again - the optometrist was stunned to see my eye pressure had dropped back to normal, even with the drops in. She stared at me and said "That never happens!" After that, I home tested my blood pressure - which is always borderline high - without and then with the shield in place, and it was normal too after the shield was up. It made me wonder how many illnesses and symptoms are caused by the outer vibes that we pick up from others. Now I daily cleanse and then shield myself with white light and I have noticed a big difference in that I feel great all the time and that good things seem to be happening more to me.

    So Hobbles I suggest you also try shielding yourself daily with a cocoon of white light around you or just praying to the angels and guides for protection. It really improves your life greatly and shields you from the world's negativity. Then you only have to manage your own issues and not everyone else's as well.

  • Thank you So much Captain. I appreciate all of your help. I hope you are feeling better (blood pressure wise now).I wondered if there was a good way to go about that...I am sometimes too negative, but I do seem to have a lot of negative vibes around me sometimes. Thank you for confirming that. 🙂 Do you have a certain wording that will help with protecting myself? Or is just asking for it enough do you think?

    Thanks again,


  • Yes, a request is a prayer that will always be answered. But you cna also do this yourself by imagining a shield or protective bubble all around you.

  • I'm trying. I will keep trying to do a bubble shield... I was once told a pink bubble of protection would be best for me... To imagine this color is supposed to be more helpful to me I guess... Is there a specific color I should be thinking of?

    Thank you Captain,


  • No, just that it feels like a protective bubble to you.

  • That makes sense. I think I am doing better at standing up for myself again now. I am starting to get some fire back in me I believe! 🙂 I am going to start taking the kids who want to go hiking again this year I believe. I think getting back out in nature will help me a lot. 🙂 Thanks again!


  • 2016 is going to be a lot easier than the last few years for everyone.

  • Whew! That sounds great! Thank you again! And hope you have a wonderful year too! 🙂

    Many blessings to you!

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