• Hi everybody,

    Finally I am able to take part in the Forums, which for the past five months, I've been unable to due to their restructure, and also due to my password, etc., being mucked around. I could read the posts on here, but couldn't reply or post anything, so that's been frustrating.

    Just wanted to say hello again, and hope all of you are well and happy in this new year - a year that's almost a quarter over as we speak!

    Like others, I'd love a general reading for the year if anyone is around, and is willing and able.

    Nice to re-connect!



  • How about an I Ching reading?

    Your new year -

    Hexagram 10, Treading on the tiger's tail

    Key Questions

    Where/who is the tiger? Is it life itself?

    Do you know how to work with such power?



    'Treading carefully on a tiger's tail.

    Means it does not bite people.

    Creating progress and success.'

    There are tigers in the outer world, and also inner tigers; as you get close, it's good to recognize the tiger for what it is. Treading on the tiger's tail is perilous – yet if you can move in harmony with it, you can invite its power into your own life as protection, fertility and blessing. To do this without getting bitten requires both skill and care. Look to the power and intensity you are drawn to in the situation: its specific danger is there, and also its potential gift.

    Lu is a hexagram that brings up issues related to what you are doing and why. It asks you to look at where you are going and to focus on your footsteps and motivations. It suggests a Cautious Advance because where you are going, you have never gone before. It is time to apply openness and all that you have learned from introspection. In times of difficulty, you may need to sit with emotion to discover how this ‘tail of the tiger’ can lead you inward to tap your authenticity. The tiger can be the emotion you feel, but treading suggests observing without acting on it. Allow feelings to have life within you without needing to give them a label. This energy will ignite deeper levels of awareness for you in the sense of Spiritual direction. Energy does not die and, by allowing for its expression, you can actually allow it to transform you. Each day is a piece of a puzzle, a gift that will unmask your character and reveal your destiny. The Tiger of emotion or fear only bites when you run from it or try to cage it. Life always meets you half way, but as long as you feel that life is working against you, the world will appear as a glass half-full. Filling the other portion of the glass allows you to discover your full capabilities. Sometimes the way isn't easy - but it will make you stronger. Sometimes the path isn't clear, so we need only look down to see where we are currently treading. How is life speaking to you in the nuances of your journey? The tiger we come upon in the woods can be the passion within or the passion we believe is in others. How can they be separate? Dreams show us how others are a reflection of us. The Spiritual path is our own and you are being called into initiation. The small choices you make today will give shape to tomorrow. So tread carefully and observe the signs. If you are walking around with your head up in the clouds, you may step on the tiger's tail. Don't mystify life. Live it.

    When you tread on the tail of a tiger, you have to be prepared for the nasty bite of truth that brings you back to earth. Treading means being present and participating with how life is shaping you.

  • Hey, thanks Captain! Have been busy the last few days, and it was great to pop back in and see you alive and well and, as always, reading for everyone!

    I have to say, life has been very challenging lately. I truly think I am treading on the tiger's tail here and there lol.

    Sometimes my dream self does keep my head up in the clouds, but have I come back down with a thud!!

    Living coastal and back in suburbia is presenting its own challenges I have to say. I miss aspects of the bush, but love the area here.

    I confess to not being all that happy with our current accommodation, but it's been a lifesaver considering we'd lost the other house we thought was ours. We've been able to bring three of our cats, our little dog and our two caged birds, so at least we didn't have to give up every single one of them; that would've broken my heart and made me stay where I was.

    We have the usual "teething" problems of relocating, ie, financial difficulties, and I'm always looking on the bright side that it'll settle down soon and we'll not be scratching for a dollar like we are lately.

    How's things with you?

  • Changing, ever changing...

  • Hmmmm .... do tell!

    I'm feeling like anymore changes and I'm gonna implode ......... UNLESS they're winning the lottery

  • This is a big year of change for the world, a year of deciding where we stand and taking action.

  • It does feel that way, now that you mention it. I had a sense of this year being the year of reaping what we sowed, so to speak.

    Geeze, if I reap what I've sowed it'd be removalists, boxes, boxes and YET MORE BOXES lol!

    On a more serious note though, I have felt that this is the year that those of us who've been in a limbo state, get to be where they're meant to be.

  • Yes!

  • Let's see what unfolds as the year progresses ...

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