Oh Captain, my Captain please help

  • I am falling for a guy who is moody and distant and has a lot of things going in his life right now and things in his past he has yet to recover from. I have been friends + for about a year now and he switches from hot to cold. Very caring yet doesn't seem to want to get to close. If you could give me some insight I'd really appreciate it.


    Heather Nicole Flores-Ricks

    April 5, 1989

    8:30 pm

    Montrose, Colorado


    David Scott Cummings

    Feb. 25, 1990

    12:53 pm

    Dallas, Texas

  • This is a difficult combination for a love relationship. You are two very different individuals who can bring out in each other dormant qualities (good and bad) that might otherwise go unexpressed. If you can find a common goal or goals together, this can serve as the driving force behind the relationship. These areas of common interest and emotional expression that it opens up can lead to greater friendship, love or even to marriage. David's emotionalism may reawaken deep feelings in you, while your driving ambition may serve as a model for David who can be a bit adrift or misdirected careerwise. However in a love relationship here, problems can arise in that David can despair over your difficulty to be reached emotionally - your inability to express your feelings or show understanding and empathy - while you may sometimes find him needy and clinging or else remote and uncommunicative. Since you need to feel free to make your own decisions and may have difficulty committing to one person, this relationship can be very short-lived. Your active lifestyle and energy can be draining for David and he will need periods of solitude away from you to recharge. David is more of a thinker, while you are a doer. Also David tends to play it quite cool when it comes to affairs of the heart, because he has been hurt or let down in the past. It is of vital importance for him to experience passion, which you can teach him if he'll let you, and to learn to give and take in a relationship. Playing it safe won't help him in love relationships. But you may eventually tire of his moodiness and emotionalism, since you need passion and excitement instead.

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