TarotNick - What do you pick up ?

  • Hi TarotNick,

    I am taking you up on your offer of doing another reading for me. If you have the time, I would appreciate hearing what you pick up.

    Thank you :).


  • Here you are,

    Some kind of fight, be strong

    Work with others but make sure you have self control

    Some money shows up but it doesn't last or spent

    Someone is watching out or giving good advise, a strong male

    Something good comes that advise

    Money from doing a job well, a smile like good work I felt

    Need to focus, you a bunch of dreams but its like you threw up and are wanting for one of them to fall without directing it

    It's bugging you that you can't see what's coming

    You still have confusion and sadness but it's not as bad as it used to be

    Something that you wanted is not going to work out...feel sadness and anger

    Something about money...not what you wanted...I get a that's it type of feeling

    Hope that helps


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  • When I do my readings I give you what I pick up as it is without trying to interpret the meaning.

    as we talk I can put what I think may affect you but you would know better because the info I get is 10,000 foot level and it may look different close up...

    The fight you are having now and the money at the end I thought it was about your Ex.

    Dreams in the air was more of you having all these thoughts and you are not sure of your direction so you are waiting to be directed and are not totally focused. That's the scattered part.

    The guy I think was for your son, the three in a row was for him thru you.

    i pick up feelings so if you are focusing on your son that comes thru...I can't tell other than that's info I am picking up. I have done readings for people and the reading was really for the person they were worried about and not themselves....makes it hard to understand because the person going that doesn't sound like me....

    ah you have already been there and done that....what your not young with an hour glass?....hahahaha.... you don't need that pain hahaha....I mean you are pasted that, you will find someone with one of your interests, you are at a different spot in life so you would have different wants and desires then when you were young...

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  • This post is deleted!

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