The Captain NEW Job offer reading please?

  • Good Evening! The Captain.

    I just received a job offer. I will have to move to Florida. DO you see this opportunity coming to fruition? Will it be a success the job and the move to Florida?

    Also I met a wonderful Gentleman by the name of John. I want to maintain a long distance relationship while I am in Florida. Can you tell me if John will still be with me in the future?

    Thanks In Advance!

  • Well, do you WANT to move to Florida to take this job? Are you happy at the thought of it? Or do you feel better when you think of staying where you are?

  • Well, if an opportunity comes my way here in my state. I will stay.

    I feel that I am finally stagnant here.

    Do you see other opportunities here?

    In my state?

  • I feel in your heart, you want a whole new start, away from all the problems and people and unpleasant situations you faced where you are living now. The only question you have to answer is - CAN you make a new start inside as well as outside, as in doing things and seeing things differently to how you see and do them now? Otherwise if you take the same old you with you, it won't matter where you go as everything will continue to be the same. Try making a list of all your old problems and note your reaction to them and what sort of thinking led you into them, then see if you can decide if you could have acted differently to have achieved a different - and hopefully better - outcome.

  • The Captain, a lot of the problems in the past had to do with Men who were angry at me due to the fact I wanted a Platonic frienship.

    They were hoping for a Romantic, Intimate relatioship.I NEVER told these guys that i saw them as Boyfriend OR Husband material. However in their delusional minds they thought by playing "The Nice Guy" they could win me over.

    Are you saying in order to avoid future conflicts with Men, I should where a fake Engagement ring?

  • So you never want a romantic relationship in your life?

  • By the way, is the new job offer in the same line of work as you are now?

  • The Captain, I did not get the job in Florida; and I am sort of depressed about it..

    Do you see any other job opportunities for me in the next week or so?

    I am going to apply for a teaching position tomorrow.

    Also, do you see an inheritance coming to me in the next SIX months or so? It would solve a lot of financial stress I tell you.

    Thanks In Advance The Captain! 🙂

  • ST, I feel you have self-trust issues when it comes to work - that you may choose a career which you think you SHOULD be doing or that other people have advised you to choose, rather than what you yourself want. I also feel you have mixed feelings about money - deep down thinking it is bad or corrupting while consciously wanting it - that are stopping you attracting it.

    I also feel you are sensitive to the negative vibes of the world around you. Try this exercise - every morning when you wake up, imagine yourself bathed in a shower of cleansing white light, then imagine yourself wrapped in a protective cocoon or shield of white light. Ask the angels and guides to keep it in place for you too. All negative vibes from the outside world will bounce off this shield of light. You should notice a big difference to your own attitude, health and to the type of experiences you draw to you, after just a few days. Everything will become a lot more positive and good for you when you don't have the world's negativity dragging you down.

  • I have been doing the cleansing white light exercises, and I have noticed a difference.

    Especially two weeks ago. This week was stressful; therefore, I will do the exercises three times a day.

  • Good.

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