Need reading about my job situation

  • Dear all,

    Please help me with the tarot reading about my current job situation. What are my perspective to land a new job this year.

    My DOB is 12.26.1968

    Many thanks,


  • What type of position/career are you looking for?

  • HR executive

  • My new boss is on my way. She is very critical and loud. Sometimes I just feel like she just want to prove me that I am not good enough. I feel her dark energy and have headaches after I talk with her.

    She is very aggressive. I want her out of my way. She jumped to conclusions about me... I am afraid she shares her ideas about me with some important people...and my second boss (dotted line) likes me and knows that I am great and loyal. I proved it to him... Negativity kills me, I am loosing my confidence ... Need to see the light at the end of the tunnel... It has been such a long journey to stay strong. Will I get what I want next year???

  • Actually it is this year that is best for that new start you want - it's a good time to initiate new plans and look for new work if you want it. Next year will be all about relationships and how you can improve them and it indicates that, if you do stay where you are, things with your new boss should improve or at least change from what they are now.

  • The Captain, thanks for your reply. Is your prediction based on Tarot?

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