Career Guidance-captain

  • Hello my friend,

    I have some good news to share with your re: my flying career. I have an interview with a flight school for part time or full time teaching and I can make my own schedule. Seems pretty promising.

    My only issue is my medical certificate. I can use what I have now for a little more than a year more then I will apply for another. Issue is my previous health issues with liver caused me to be denied life insurance. (got it now). The government will decide whether or not to issue based on my liver tests. As for my vision the waiver is needed but should be fine. Any errors on form can be punished by prison.

    You know my dream is to fly for an airline yet my whole life seems

    to throw up road blocks. I know you stated before that i will get the airline job in time. so maybe it's starting to occur? I am trying not to worry and stress. imagine that 🙂

  • This fear of yours is not about your career or any other material situation. It involves trusting your own strength and wisdom to get you through anything. At the moment, you fear not being able to withstand not achieving your dreams. But if you don't get what you want, then it's because you don't NEED it to be happy. Happiness doesn't depend on the job you do, but on how you feel about yourself. You need to tell yourself that no matter what happens to you in life, you can be happy. Trust yourself and the process of life. Worst case scenario - you don't get to be a pilot. So don't base all your hopes around the one goal. Make other goals. Have a back-up plan and then you won't be devastated if Plan A doesn't materialize. Then you take the pressure and stress and expectation off yourself and life becomes a lot easier and more pleasant.

  • True, as long as I can fly for fun I'll be happy. I have my blood test next month. first one in two years. Hope my liver is back to normal! I'm gonn try not to worry lol

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