Hoping For Some Career Guidance

  • Hi,

    I'm about to finish up my BA degree in English and was wondering if anyone could do a career reading for me. Although my degree will be in English, I'd really like to work in theatre, as a stage manager, director or possibly a dramaturg. The only problem is that I'm not qualified to work in that field. Does anyone see me being able to find a job in that field? Or should I be looking somewhere else? I have been considering the possibility of taking some courses in theatre or pursuing a Master's degree in that field. Would I be successful if I chose to do that? Thanks in advance!

  • Have you ever thought about doing something involved with healing, either through the regular medical paths (physiotherapy or counselling especially) or alternative healing as in massage or Reiki and the like? I am sensing you have healing hands, though I feel you are reluctant to acknowledge your healing ability now, since in other lifetimes you have misused it. But your subconscious fears of misusing your gifts should pass when you use your ability to help and heal others. Good healers often go through their own medical crises to learn more about how healing works. You have a protective, caring soul and you may feel duty bound to do whatever is necessary to help those in need. I feel you would be most fulfilled in the field of healing or some work/business that helps people. Other good career choices for you would be writing, teaching, and motivating others through the business of personal growth.

    You also have a dramatic type of personality that seeks attention and basks in the warmth of the spotlight, so naturally you are drawn to performing. Yet the two distinct sides of your nature may pull you in different directions. On the one hand, you're plagued by pessimism and melancholy. On the other side, you have a vibrant personality with audacious charm and a delicious offbeat sense of humour that can entertain everyone around you when you feel good. You would enjoy having wealth, fame and status and want to develop your creative side more. But your also want to help others. You must decide which part of you needs to be expressed the most to make you happy. Communicating in all forms and using your natural talents to connect with others on a day-to-day basis can bring you happiness as well as material success. You need to do some deep self-exploration to decide if you want to heal others through entertaining them and making them think or laugh, or through actual hands-on healing.

    I don't feel your career will get going for another year and a bit - in 2017, you should find yourself in the midst of great career opportunities. 2016 for you is the best time for study so you could use it to do the course you decide you want.

  • Thanks Captain! You helped me realize why I feel pulled in two different directions. A long time ago I did consider going into a hands-on healing profession. I was either going to be a doctor or a counselor. That didn't work out. I like performing, but lately, have been content to be in the background. I think that eventually I'll just go in the right direction. At least I hope so!

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