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  • Hello Captain,

    RE: Hermis (6-24-44) and Arman (10-9-71). Both these two people are friends of my sisters family. They come from a small hometown in my country and both are running for a seat in the government. Just curious to know who do you think will win? I know its not 100% but just what do you think? If you don't want to answer, its OK and I understand it. I still appreciate it. As usual thank you for your help.

  • Are they the only candidates for the position?

  • Hi

    My sister said these two are the only ones that are very strong & popular among the people.

    They are helping out so my sister is curious to know which one will win. She knows the reading wont be 100% but still would like to know which one will win. They are helping and they are on Hermis side. Win or lose they are rooting for him.

    This is my sister Rachel (10-28-48) that I told you that her husband has a mistress and she has not decided to leave him yet. She told me when they join in in Hermis campaign Hermis always approaches her and always looks at her. My sister says I wonder why he keeps looking at me.

    I told her better watch out with this guy! All this politicians are playboys!

    Thank you so much!

  • Will the election be held this year?

  • Hello,

    Election will be on March 2016

    Thank you

  • Well, Arman is actually more of a better and natural leader than Hermis, who is really just a very sociable person (he gets periodic - and temporary - emotional crushes on people which explains his interest in both you and your sister). And for Arman, 2016 represents a whole new start for him, a new beginning and a new chapter in his life, a perfect time for him to become an authority figure or to start a new venture. He would be the best man for the job, as long as he doesn't abuse his power and authority. Hermis will have a very sociable, outgoing and fun time next year as his vibes will perfectly match the year's vibes. But he won't be very serious or practical about life so it's probably not the best time for him to work for the public's needs.

    I guess however that it depends on who the public likes best - and that would likely be Hermis.

  • Hello again,

    I have not met Arman and I don't know him. Its Hermis that is always looking at my sister

    and he is the guy that knows my sisters family. Hermis is a friend of my sisters family.

    So its HERMIS is the winner? You are right about Arman my sister says he is the one that is really qualified. But she said she is not too sure about Hermis yet. Well too bad if Hermis wins!

    Is Hermis interested with my sister?

    Thank you so much

  • He is interested in her but, like every flirtation he has, he soon loses interest and moves on to the next woman he fancies.

  • Well, Hermis would win on popularity but the way he dallies with the ladies may turn the men's vote against him. Arman would make a better and more serious government representative.

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    Many blessings

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