Rekindling the Feelings--Capricorn female Libra male

  • Hi all,

    I have posted on here before in the love and relationships category. I am guilty of infidelity, I am a Capricorn wife of 22 years married to a Libra. I want to set things right in my marriage. My husband is aware of my actions and is forgiving. I must also point out that my husband is not a saint. He has been guilty of things in the past as well but both of us want to move forward together in this relationship. My problem is that I love my husband very much, he is my dear friend, we spend alot of time together and we get along incredibly well, we don't fight or call each other names but I don't feel the feelings I did before. I find I am bored with him, sometimes I feel like I am missing something, the passion is not there and s*x has become quick and thoughtless.

    How do I start to rekindle the feelings I had for him before? Can that be done? How do I increase my self esteem and feel good about myself. How do I feel good about him? I want to make this work, I have to make this work.


  • Anybody ? Really needing some imput here. Would love to hear from Libra males if there are any out there or other people who have gone through the same sort of thing. Feeling a little lost right now.


  • Hello dttn, just a few suggestions, Be creative by being playful ,this can bring on laughter, and fun and can lead to passion and of course the end result, could be pure romance, which is what I think we often find missing in our relationships. It sounds to me like you have all the foundation to make this work. Just let the child in you start the process and the loving adult will take over. Have fun & good luck..... Leonida

  • Leonida,

    Thank you for your post. I am trying to be accepting and open to anything put forward to me by my husband. I am having a hard time dealing with the loss of someone else while trying to gain back the feelings i once had. I guess it all takes time and although I am patient this type of thing makes me feel very anxious and I need to just chill a little I guess. I would love to hear from other people that have dealt with this and what they did to move forward after an affair of the heart.


  • I feel sorry for you i am trying to mend a broken heart too. It isn't easy when part of you still feels for the one that you have lost. I had to end one of those relationships too after 7 years of mind games and his affairs. Found out the hard way when i ended up with a STD because of him. Who ended it you or him ? Affairs don't work they never leave their wife except on very rare occassions no matter what they say. I have heard it all with the one that i was involved with. There isn't much that you can do except try to change the pattern of your day and try to stay busy with happy things. Every day gets easier believe me. My husband is a fantastic person. He is always there for me, treats me with respect and treats me like a lady. But there is that something missing too. It isn't his fault it is mine. Have you asked yourself why you started the affair in the first place. I have and it always comes back to me. My husand and i are both busy people but now i make the effort to do nice special things for him and with him. It will take time and it won't be easy but if you love him it will work. Love changes over time. We meet and it is all warm and fuzzy. Then we commit, have children and they take their toll on our relationship as well. The husband gets pushed to the back and the children take priority. If your husband is still with you then you are blessed. 22 years is a long time to give up. See a counciler it may help you rekindle what you once had and deal with your loss. I wish you all the best.

  • I, myself also have been in a very long relationship with a Libra, 23 years. I am also a Capricorn. I gave my husband his space, but he smothered me a lot and always accused me of cheating, which I had been faithful for the entire 23 years of the marriage. My husband can go out and stay out all types of time of the night and I never questioned him about being unfaithful in the relationship, but he will always accuse me of being unfaithful, so I started to wonder about his infidelity after so long. After 23 years of my life of being with only him, he decided to walk out on me without any explanation and didn't think I deserved one. After being missing in action for about a month he comes back to tell me nothing still. I can only assume that he moved on. I asked him where have he been and he told me nothing, so I felt that 23 years meant absolutely nothing to him. After 3.5 months of separation, I also moved on and intend to get a divorce in the near future. He still comes around to flaunt his affairs in my face, but I don't know what it's all about. He really need to move on and be happy with his decision, because when I'm ready for another relationship, I think his feelings are going to be hurt, but he set everything into motion.

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