Hi Captain I Really Need Help With This

  • Here is The Story I want my life to be better financially and I have ways to better my life by either my partner selling his own house that his father lives in, my partners's lawsuit coming in or god forbid his father passes away we will then have access to my partners house, and his father house and the life insurance and such. My thing is I want to already have my own place and own houses and buy my grandfathers house really badly I know he will sell it to me if I have the money and its really been bothering me because all the things I listed to be able to have the money to buy my grandfathers house has not happened yet and I feel its taking to long and im so sick of it I want my own houses already and I want to be financial secure because I feel that owning my grandpa's house will change my life and make me more financial secure. so my question is do you see my grandpa selling his house to me and my partner soon even though I know he would because he had told me before he would when I have the money. Also do you see me having the money that I desire to change my life? Do you see my partners lawsuit coming in anytime soon and when and if you could give me a specific month and date? Do you see me and my partner owning my Grandfather's house anytime soon and if you could give me a specific month and date?

  • You are seeking to disadvantage others for your own purposes, so the Universe doesn't tend to grant such self-oriented requests. be careful because you may find it all backfires on you instead and you lose more than gain.

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