I would love a reading please :)

  • I would like a reading that can give some insight as to what i can expect for my wedding. Our wedding day is sep, 29,2017. As things stand right now, my mom says she will not be attending my wedding, this deeply hurts because its so important that she is there. I would like to know what i can expect, will things change?, will she change her mind?

  • Hello Vettech,

    Two years...a lot can happen in two years so it would be difficult for anyone to predict this outcome for you. What I can tell you is that all relationships take effort for them to work and the effort must come from both sides for success. If your mother is saying that she won't attend, then obviously something occurred that needs to be mended. Obviously, she is angry - you must know why. Does what she say have any validity? Be honest with yourself and don't rationalize! Have you taken the steps necessary to do so? Remember that this will often involve compromose from both parties. If you have done everything you truly can do and your mother will not budge in her position, then you need to release control and let it go for now. Forgiveness is also a powerful thing. We cannot control other people only ourselves. Resolve to love her no matter what happens and accept that she may or may not want to be a part of your life.

  • thank you for input. The issue is between my mom and my fiance. they are at odds again. my fiance says things without thinking first andnow my mom thinks he is worst person in world again. see this happened 2 yrs ago, then she gave him 2nd chance. my fiance and i have started couples counseling, hopefully it can help him, he has alot of issues stemming from childhood, which has affected his behavior as an adult. my mom is a very patient empathetic person but she ran out of patience with him.. this is very hard since my mom and i are so close.

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