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  • Hello Captain,

    My sisters sons had a number of relationships and she is wondering why it does not last. What do you think of this recent one his name is Christopher (9-27-73) and Mellysa (5-28-84)? If not compatible why? My sister has a feeling her son is gay.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hello again

    Regarding the above question, will Christopher ever get married? When it comes to marriage he really take his time that's what my sister said. My sister wants to know if Christopher will marry Mellysa.

    Thank you again.

  • I don't like to make predictions about someone without his knowledge or talk about his sexuality - it feels like an invasion of his privacy. But I will compare the compatibility of Christopher and Mellysa.

    There is a lot to overcome in this relationship. Neither of this pair is known for their good social skills, a quality their relationship won't change. The main challenge they face then will be to get along with each other on a daily basis. If they can avoid arguments by finding something on which they can agree, it would help. They may be able to settle on a religious, political, philosophical, financial or artistic creed or set of beliefs that they can accept. But both are notoriously hard to convince and are unlikely to take anything at face value. If some kind of common ground can be found, their arguments may become reasonable discussions. Strongly opposing beliefs will tear them apart. They must also be careful not to come off as bossy, authoritarian or supercilious towards others, socially or at work. Once they have formed a strong unit, they can easily adopt an 'us against the world' attitude which will make it hard for other people to relate or interact.

    Love between them is likely to be intense - in fact, if it is not moderated, it will quickly burn out. Even when their physical contact is gratifying, disagreements of all sorts may spoil any moods of contentment or ecstasy. They must develop an ability to know when to leave the other person alone, so using their intuition and having faith in the relationship's ability to heal wounds and promote understanding will be necessary for success. Doubt, worry and control must be given up, leaving things to proceed as they will. Marriage here will not succeed unless this couple finds a common belief system or common lines of agreement. If they come from similar backgrounds, this can be a stabilizing factor. Otherwise, there will be conflict. Intolerant or prejudicial points of view could influence any children for the worse.

  • Hello Captain,

    Knowing my nephew, I & my sister already knew the outcome of this relationship. But we still need a second a opinion and you & us are right all along.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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