What Am I Doing Wrong??

  • I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I met this guy on an online dating site this past Monday. We had a great connection, and he seemed to be really into me. I gave him my number, and he said he would be contacting me immediately. It’s now two days later, and he still hasn’t contacted me. I know that two days is not long, but when someone says they’ll contact you immediately and then doesn’t for a couple of days it means something is wrong. I’ve sent him a couple of messages through our online chat, and I can see he’s reading them, but I’ve yet to hear back from him.

    I feel like this constantly happens with me, and that something out there is preventing me from finding someone I can be happy with in a relationship. This guy seemed really great, and we got along wonderfully. I just don’t understand what happened and what I’m doing wrong. I think I’m upset because it’s not the first time this is happening, and I feel like no matter how open and honest I am with people, they get averted somehow.

    I try and send out good vibes, I live my life well, and I try to stay as open and positive as possible.

    Any insight would be appreciated. thank you in advance.

  • What you are doing wrong is putting your faith in people who are complete strangers to you. You have got to meet people face-to-face before you trust them and even then not until they prove themselves trustworthy. You are being gullible trusting people you meet online when they could be anyone pretending to be anything. There is no substitute for face-to-face meetings where your gut instincts can tell you much about the other person. Get out into the real world and let the right person find you. You are hiding online.

  • Captain,

    Thank you for your reply. You're right in the aspect that I need to not be so gullible. However, I'm not having much luck in the real world either. Almost every time, I will meet a guy and it will go well for some time; whether it be one time or a few times, and then suddenly he disappears. I don't think I'm saying anything wrong, and I'm definitely not putting any kind of pressure on him. I just don't get it. What is preventing me from finding someone? Why is this so difficult, when it's so easy for others? I don't hold back, I am trying not to put out bad vibes. I just don't get it.

    Maybe I could get an updated reading? In my previous reading, you mentioned that I would get sparks with someone special. You also mentioned that I would have a big career boost. And although things are steady at work, I'm not sure I see any kind of boost. I am trying to find a new job, but it's not going well in that aspect either.

    I am definitely feeling very down and out lately. 😞

  • It is your desperation to find someone that is stopping you from attracting the right person. You want a partner, need a partner so badly that nothing else matters. The guys you meet can see your desperation and it scares them off. Deep down they sense you are not interested in them as a real person, just as your partner. There is a big difference. You need to do some self-discovery to find the real reason why you are so desperate to have a partner. What about being alone scares you? Do you need someone else to complete you or validate that you are lovable and worthy? Or is it just the fear of social ostracism or not fitting in as a single person?

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